Path of Exile's Six-Year Release Anniversary

Kind of cheap that you don't give anything to your community on your anniversary while every other game does... Oh well.
SpectralDrake wrote:
It's already started, in that political discussions on global chat are no longer allowed. This is technically in violation of human rights.

There is no violation of human rights, legally or otherwise. You have no right to talk about political subjects in POE chat. You have no right to talk about anything else in POE chat. You have no right to play POE. You have no right to use it's forum. You don't even have a right to view the web site.

For that matter you don't have a right to use the Internet except whatever you and your ISP agree on. If your ISP gives you access to the Internet, you have no right to view, use, or post on any site except whatever the site agrees to let you do.

A right means that you can use whatever means are available to you to exercise that right. But it does not mean that anyone is obligated to provide that means to you. Freedom of the press does not mean anyone is obligated to give you a free printing press. The same as GGG is not obligated to provide chat for you.
Thanks for the game . it has been fun :)
Why in Satan's name is this discussion of politics even coming up. I think this is a GAME not some kind of Chinese plot to destroy the world.

Calm down guys, you're gonna pop your cork and create damage to yourselves.
Keep being awesome, GGG :-) Thanks for these years together.
LOL at your use of the term expansions.

Since when are leagues expansions? Adding a new mechanic isn't an expansion. It's all bloated crap at this point.

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Happy birthday PoE and GGG! :)
Quintessence wrote:
Kind of cheap that you don't give anything to your community on your anniversary while every other game does... Oh well.


Ok, I have to address this. I used to play Guild Wars and GW2 and they promoted and gave away trinkets on the Anniversary dates (as well as Halloween etc.). I usually threw the junk away (although I appreciated the gesture). Then they started to give gifts on the Anniversary of when you started, pretty decent stuff like exp boosts and cosmetics - even immediate level to max.

I have had a few years to think about GW2 and POE and frankly I would prefer that GGG concentrate on optimization, fixing bugs, new leagues and skill/items etc. rather than give a bag of stuff.

That's my take but I understand that people like free stuff. At the risk of being called a fanboy, I appreciated the well written trip back through time at the beginning of this thread more than a bag of junk. Do you really want to be showered with crap gifts or talked to like a mature gamer. I'll take the latter.
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Thank you for the wonderful updates GGG!

I love you, even if it did take 10 years to get an interaction sound for flasks.
Thank You GGG for giving us this FREE GAME, this is the only game I have played that you don't have to spend a damn penny on unless you want to. I paid for every Diablo game that has ever been released in US and none of them compare to POE. I wish I had started playing it at release unfortunately I was a Diablo junkie.

However due to them not listening to their customers I left and came to GGG for my gaming fix and I have never regretted it one bit. You guys & gals are awesome and I wish you ever success in your future endeavors with the game!

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