Path of Exile's Six-Year Release Anniversary

Happy anniversary! Now, how about a new class? 😉
No log in reward to go along with the anniversary event? Dang
What's synthesis again? Oh bottled faith
and I'm already wondering if the game will get some "standalone" or "local play" or "private server" fix for it's end of life.. when ever that will be.. to make sure that I can keep playing PoE after the official servers are down..
mostly harmless
Started on Breach. Didn't get a thing and stopped in a week. Tried again in Legion, got even less and stopped after act 4. Fall of Oriath was the first time I went through the campain and started doing maps. After that I try to get "the next milestone" > Shaper, Uber Elder etc. It's been fun. Look foward to 4.0!
happy bday! :)

Happy Birthday!!

To celebrate this day better, I am willing to receive any gift.
So proud to have supported this amazing game over these years.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214

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