3.8.1e Patch Notes

Blighted map drop rate should be doubled inside regular maps.

Or at least 1 Blighted map should more often than not spawn inside other Blighted maps so that we can slowly build a collection.

Or if GGG won't increase Blighted map drop rate then the loot inside must be FAR more valuable to match the map's low drop chance.

Or some variable combination of these 3 options please.

Oil cyst spawn rate is particularly low, which doesn't make sense thematically.

PS old shatter sound best shatter sound.
So... does this mean blighted maps won't drop in t16 maps?
Blighted Map drops now drop at a minimum tier based on the tier of the Map that you are currently in. For example, when in a Tier 5 Map, Tier 1 to Tier 5 Blighted Maps can drop. When in a Tier 6 Map, you'll receive a Tier 6 Blighted Map (and will never receive a Tier 1 to Tier 5 Blighted Map).

Can we have that for all the maps? Super tired of dropping T2 maps in my T16s.
Advancensar wrote:
Reverted Shatter sound effects back to the pre-3.8.0 version

We did it!

Noooo, I liked the new one way better it sounded much nicer and also new. They should've waited until next league to bring the old one back.
i have now run 8xt16 and a few t14/t15 since the patch, there is 0 (!) oil dropped. is this a bad joke or did a lousy trainee program the patch ?

Absolutely ridiculous, thanks for nothing!
increased oil drop rate please ...
Anyone else getting kicked from the game a lot today. Been kicked 5 times when sitting in my hideout.
Do you guys not have Blighted Maps? -Grinding Gear Games 2019

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