Making Cassia

nice read
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Interesting read. But generally I find lore in POE abit of a helter skelter. There doesn’t seem to be a coherent whole. Just a random bunch of stuff out together. Not a big deal to me though. Since I’m not so much a lore person.
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Her broad strokes characterisation is effective, and her lines, while irritating, can grow on you over time and make her memorable at least.
I love her exasperation when she screams “New roots!”
I like Cassia's backstory and dialogues.
A smug but brilliant.. "Technonun", cool.
I like her design, will buy her armour MTX.

At first I was a bit annoyed by her singing, but then after a few more encounters her singing has.. lets just say I sang with her. Her singing becomes a signal that fun and loot is nearby.

And yes, I enjoy tower defense.
And we have a familiar but somewhat unique one in PoE.

Thanks NickK_GGG. Divine POWAAAA!!!
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Could you please post videos of voice actors saying their lines? I feel like it's content the community would like to see.
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I hope we can invite her to our Hideout someday.
Yeah gj and all but god there is something on her that makes it really annoying
Dude her singing goes so hard on my nerves I wish there was an off switch. Well there is, once I locate her I quickly run past to disable her singing. You guys should have added a LOT more lines. Besides this I like the nun -- I wish she'd just be part of a more silent order of nuns.

Maybe add some dialog option where you can persistently silence her?
It would be both helpful and entertaining if she had new lines for when unique Blight monsters spawn, imagine the funny things she could say about them!
the problem with the league is not content or league mechanic or even less reward. it is the performance issue! seriously i cant even play without getting my daily lag spike and disconnection

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