Making Cassia

Cassia was a very great experience for me coming back to PoE after a couple of years.

I really appreciate how much of the character is in the music. Her wordless croon shows off a pretty and trained voice, and the obviously well known (in the game world) religious marching hymns with geeky ad-lib embellishments paint a picture much more clearly and concisely than many of the other new-to-me characters.

My one complaint is that it's a pity her song snippets are so short. They give the impression of longer pieces but it's weird to have her cut off and change between just two.

And yes, hearing just those two over and over again does start to grate. Perhaps she should start with one of the songs and then switch to the croon for a longer time - it would be more pleasant and it would also match the pattern of a musical geek getting caught up in a technical problem. I've been known to do exactly that myself.
Really love this character - she's my favorite of the (old & new) masters, and second only to Lady Dialla overall.

I'm enjoying the whole league mechanic, but Cassia manages to bind it together into a theme that's compelling - unexpected yet believable.

Very much hoping both Cassia & her tower defense elements get kept in-game.
Oh! Go on. This one puts me off almost all the time
FNX_Heroes wrote:

Awesome, even though you spelled "powah" wrong.
Farewell, fellow exiles. New hopes are on the horizon, and we may yet see a worthy successor to D2.
gibbousmoon wrote:
Awesome, even though you spelled "powah" wrong.

I'm not the author of this beautiful comic ;)
I think she's great, definitely one of my favorites so far.

I've had this feeling for a while though, did you plan on making her Niko's mom or sibling or something? (I know I won't actually get an answer) Her and Niko are both the craziest characters in the game, had a really close relationship with the Templars, and are both great with building crazy machines.

It definitely seems like it.
Need a new signature, cuz name change. I dunno though. I guess this seems fine. Yeah, this is good.

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