Making Cassia

Glad you are happy with how she was recieved but sad you are ignoring the numerous complaints of those who hate her and don't want to hear her (and even get pain from hearing her because of the way you tuned her voice).

Now give annoying NPCs mute buttons. Starting with that woman. I shouldn't have to lose all verbal cues because the damn woman literally causes pain.
She could at least address the fact that all of her towers are stolen from Vaal.
She is interesting - indeed.
People like her - not really.
NickK_GGG wrote:
beyond the juicy rewards.

oh man almost tear up laughing..

needed it.

but then again barely enough lore behind her or the blight.. everything is just speculation.
How boring and small.

"By the Gods, I can't ignore.. The sight of his face shrouded in death's cold embrace.."

Chapter: XXI.
I absolutely love her whole demeanour towards the exile... The voice actor carries it very well! Also the way her songs fade, especially underground, is very atmospheric.

Yet I think that because of the repetitive nature of the Blight enconters her voice lines, good as they are, get old... And annoying. Being lectured about mycelium is funny once or twice but when it happens multiple times in a single encounter I am tempted to mute her altogether - which would be a loss, as I always love to hear "Still sane, Exile?".

As long as she appears on every map I'd really appreciate it if her longer voicelines were cut or at least were used less frequently.
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I actually like Cassia but would very much have liked more voice acting. Also, been away from the game for a little over a year, and have to ask: Which NPC has ever taught a "league's mechanics and intricacies"?
I like Cassia as an NPC:

You know who I can't stand though? Izaro. His lines are so vague, his voice so coarse, but you must listen to him for hints as to what stage the battle is in or to confirm the outcome of the battle.

Cassia encounters are more frequent, and thus her lines more repetitive, but I don't feel bothered by her audio like Izaro.
I like the descalper~, and the red-hot ember dispenser.
Still quit popular~. lol
Savour these moments, for they may never return.
Her singing reminds me of a girl-scout troop leader, which is all the more weird/funny when you think about a group of 'schoolchildren' (nuns in training?) echoing her lines even more enthusiastically than Cassia herself.
my favourite cassia word


she's right piety IS a whore!

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