3.8.1 Patch Notes

Fixed a client crash that could occur with the "Exception Present" error message.

isnt that old error? i had these even on legion
Fixed a bug where casting Vaal Breach counted as opening a Breach for the sake of the "Open Breaches" challenge.

AHHHHH why didnt I know about this earlier.....
Rhoas are still bugged.
how big is patch because if its over 2mb itll take steam 4 days to update
im addicted, ive been addicted. I LOVE POE
Games performance gets worst every league, and no fix in sight.
Jagaimo wrote:
I have to say I'm kind of disappointed that there is still no way to scale normal blights with character power. Anything like a speed up button would have made the league mechanic a lot more enjoyable and more rewarding once you have a strong character. This way I just stand around for a minute while holding rightclick and collect some clear oils. :-/

Agreed, time investment to encounter is sick even if rewards are better. Fast farmers can finish a whole map in one minute.
Scrawwny wrote:
how big is patch because if its over 2mb itll take steam 4 days to update

556.6 MB
Thanks for the update, can't wait to try Primordial Might again!
Ground Slam, now and forever.
no buffs for rewards in regular blight encounters? so its still a snoozefest then?
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
Deejudanne wrote:
remove minion SPELL tag when? they do not get any utility of your spell damage but they do have the SPELL tag, feels lazy when every other gem in this game is so darn specific
I use that tag for me Spell Totem. I almost always put Skeletons on a totem in minion early builds and I have used SRS and Skeletons on Cast on Melee kill. Its fine they have the spell tag. It makes the support gem system make more sense.

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