[3.13] Saboteur Pyroclast Mine Crit - Cheap, SSF friendly

Hello everyone!

First time playing mines, and I really do love the Pyroclast skill.. however I am having some serious mana issues. Is the mana flask our only source of sustain? Are there other alternatives? I'm throwing mines so fast that my mana pool just drops like a ton of bricks. Any help would be appreciated!

what about low life version sir?
capitanulee wrote:
Hello everyone!

First time playing mines, and I really do love the Pyroclast skill.. however I am having some serious mana issues. Is the mana flask our only source of sustain? Are there other alternatives? I'm throwing mines so fast that my mana pool just drops like a ton of bricks. Any help would be appreciated!

Someone asked me about mana in MP and here was my answer:

I guess you want to use a mana flask? Not sure as i didn't play much last league with that build. I was on a 4l but didn't have much issues.

The planned build has a mana regen of 44 while a throw costs 18 and it had 5 as cast rate in PoB, but also 313 unreserved mana.
So i guess you can't full spam constantly without mana/hybrid flask. Otherwise you should be fine.
Before you could use things like Warlord's Mark somewhere but it's not the case anymore.

hwan wrote:
what about low life version sir?
If you've the wealth, just go for it i guess ^^. Despite having played PoE a lot, i still never went LL. Always played Life builds. But if you can have a decent ES pool and a Shavronne for instance, i don't see why you wouldn't go LL.
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Just here to say I killed Sirus AL2 effortlessly at level 87 with this build, with uncapped resistances (62/68/62, Chaos -21) and 4.9k HP.

My shitty gear:

The only pieces of gear that I spent more than 10c was Kaom's Heart (40c), Astral Projector (23c), Dying Sun (65c) and Machina Mitts (1.5ex). Machina Mitts made little or no difference in the fight (but it is really great for mapping; Astral Projector is very nice too).

Character is FreakeyMinerMSC if you want to check it.

Thank you Harest for this build!
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Nrwoope wrote:
... [see above]
From the OP:
(w/ Swift Assembly & Skitterbots shock effect on belt)

You're welcome.
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Hello! Coming back to this page to show my gear and overall thoughts on Pyroclast in general.

First off, the damage. I have currently put about 50ex or more into 5 builds this league. Those being: Pyroclast mines, Zombies nerco, Coc assassin, Freezing pulse totems and, Blade vortex chieftain. Out of all those builds, pyroclast mines comes WAY out on top from my expirence in damage and even more fun playstyle. The only thing zombies appear to have is overall much tankier.

My current Low Life gear that I have for min/maxing pyroclast. Any feedback would help in min/maxing further. I honestly don't even need more damage with the build as I basically insta-phase every end game boss and even t16 juiced up metamorphs. Just looking to max out the survivability.
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/NEE4YWdR

Now the low life version grants more aura's and more eHP/overall survivability. The bow allows a lvl 30 pryoclast mines. The bow was around ~30ex, less if you know how to craft one. Allows a quiver slot. I choose the soul strike quiver for max es, little crit and, faster es restart. Instead of the expensive bow some +1 wands with flat fire to spells, inc spell crit/multi are a much cheaper route.
Such as

I switched out awoke fire pen for empower gem.

A side note: I see many players on poe.ninja using the support gem minefield. Throughout my playthrough, I tested minefield and swift assembly and personally find swift assembly to be much better. Why? Minefield causes your character to stand still for longer when places those multiple mines. Swift assembly allows us to basically stutter-step around, helping with clear speed and dodging mechanics. Mine throwing speed is a major benefit to damage in any miner build. Lowering it appears counterintuitive. Pryoclast is going to be one-shotting most monsters while mapping so no need for multiple mines to be placed at once with minefield.

A hidden item that is a must for pyroclast: Astral Projector. I highly recommend using this ring. The utility that it brings is amazing, helps with clear speed and, helps with boss damage as it centers all the projectiles right on top of the boss.

A big damage boost to pyroclast on a budget would be getting a circle of anguish ring with: " herald of ash increased buff effect" the other stat can be w/e, the increased fire damage only provides a small inc. in damage so prioritize the highest buff effect of herald of ash. This adds MORE flat damage which scales with all the other % and MORE modifiers.

In earlier posts, I see the mention of the immolate/combustion support being better instead of elemental focus/concentrated effect. Without the astral projector ring, I would 100% agree. Once the ring is obtain switching immolate to conc effect brings more damage at loss of a little aoe. Honestly, the pryoclast mines doesn't even need more damage but it's up to personal preference.

Overall thought on pryoclast mines in general: Wow what a fun build to play. HOLY DAMAGE BATMAN! No joke. Even as a league starts for metamorph trade league I manage to blast to maps in under 5 hours which is twice as fast as I have done in previous leagues. With gear around 1ex invested I managed to make it to t16 maps.

Bois! This is the best skill today IMO.

Hope you all have as much fun as I have with this skill. GLHF
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Nrwoope wrote:
My damage is only 37k avg

IMO PoB damage doesn't do justice for calculating true damage in-game. Honestly just have to play the build and see if it actually has good damage or watch it. As for Pyroclast mines, it's hard to calc damage. First, there is a nova then projectiles. If the PoB shown damage is one projectile, with the +2 helm enchant and +2 from dying sun you need to multiply that damage by 7. You can even go into calculations and inc. the number of mines detonated recently. Also, tick 19 active mines to see that damage rise as the cascade of placing and detonating mines increases the damage. Can also tick: Have power charges, the enemy is shock/chill/ignited. Mines, in general, do much more damage in-game than shown in PoB.
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TerminalLife wrote:
... [see above]
Thanks for your detailed feeback. Glad you enjoyed that skill.
I wish i spent more time playing it in the previous league, maybe i'd like it more if i did. I still liked it but it's nothing comparable to Fire Nova Mine i played back in 2.5, even before AoE nerfs. Here we're definitely not on the same AoE lvl, which is understandable, AoE was broken before, but it affects the fun you get from the skill a lot.
I've been playing this LL and have Pyroclast in a 6L Sire of Shards. The addition of the Astral Projector is pure bliss! With minefield linked I usually start my "nuke chain" at the 3rd throw and just keep throwing them, it's enough to nuke everything on the screen, it's also impossible to keep the chain going because eventually the mines just explode too fast! I also run 2 golems thanks to the golemmancer node above the witch start zone, a stone and fire golem. Thus far the build melts the faces off pretty much everything while covering the entire screen with pyroclast mortars (especially in delve).

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