[3.13] Saboteur Pyroclast Mine Crit - Cheap, SSF friendly

Just killed Shaper with this gear absurdly solid for what is basically no investment. It's true that astral protector is expensive but it also loses dps sometimes and sucks when shaper bugs out on ads.

Great guide just a question.

What gear,passive tree,or gem changes would you make if say I wanted to use Icicle Mines instead of Pyroclast?
Beverast wrote:
... [see above]
I'd check in PoB for the gems, and/or in Icicle Mine builds. Anything fire related would need to be changed for the cold equivalent +/- if it exists (like Cold Pen, Added Cold, Hypothermia, Herald of Ice).
Regarding the passive tree, there's not much to change. Only one node before Snowforged notable.
And for the gear, not much either. No martyr of innocence though.
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Hey, coming here again just to say that this Delirium league came back with this build (with Martyr of Innocence) that work so good for me on Blight league, but this time alternating it with Arc Mines (Tremor Rod) for clearing maps.

So my new doubts are about the fantastics (IMO) Cluster Jewels. Checking more or less the options we have, I'm really asking to myself if we really need Large Cluster Jewels, taking on count that the Medium Cluster Jewel (the 12% Mine damage as enchant) offers very good bonuses and we can combine it with Small Cluster Jewels (the 4% increased maximum life enchant). I'm thinking about this because I reach 2 nodes that allows to use Cluster Jewels, so using 2 Large Cluster Jewels would be hard without lose important nodes.

My skill tree to check what I'm talking about:

https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/NGXIS/characters ("Scyggon" character)

I'm using 1 Large Cluster Jewel at the moment with good damage nodes, but I think will be get more benefits from the Medium Cluster -mines- Jewel (assuming I can use 2 of the same type). I still need to see what more can offer the Large Cluster Jewel, to see if there is something valuable for our build.


EDIT: Pastebin for Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/F52XJvnW

Look this skill tree example (ignore the Cluster Jewel modifiers, these aren't the best, just example), with the route I use, when I get level 87 I can use 1 Large Cluster Jewel (1 socket) -> 1 Medium -> 1 Small CJ, and in the other node use 1 Medium CJ -> 1 Small CJ and we don't will miss Revenge of the Hunted/Discipline and training/Constitution nodes because the Small CJ can have % increased maximum life.

Another thing we can do to get more life (if looking/needing), it's to use the Large Cluster Jewel with space for 2 Jewel Sockets (more expensive atm), so we can use 1 socket for Medium CJ and another for Small CJ, having in total 3 Small CJ. In this scenery, will require lvl 90 if we have all CJ with the minimum possible of passives, and lvl 93 if we use the small CJ with 3 passives (for 4% extra life each). Example of what I said on Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/WccLLacp

Of course have in mind that I choose to kill all bandits (2 points) and get the less possible of passives points on Cluster Jewels:
Large Cluster Jewel = 8 Passives minimum possible
Medium Cluster Jewel = 4 Passives minimum possible
Small Cluster Jewel = 2 Passives minimum possible (3 passives is better for more life)

Also, I choose 1 Large CJ, 2 Medium CJ, 3 Small CJ because the Large CJ provides good damage and can have 2 sockets (more space for extra small CJ), 2 medium CJ because we can get good mine bonuses (like gain Arcane Surge with throwing mines, saving 1 skill gem space in our equipment) and as I said, the small CJ are for get life.

I hope someone understand what I say haha. Any opinions?
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Can i get a Pob for this please?
i am chekking this build out atm having a lot of fun with it clear speed
is just op on bosses as well all though i am just lvl 41

I am very excited to try the big staff i bough to the build.

died 1 time on very low lvl in oshiba, was poor geared. :D

The build seems very tanky usually only did minion builds

But think this is very fun .

Feel free to import my name and look for pyromaniabro

thanks for this build !
do you think this build would work well to transition into blazing salvo well??
Not much point in taking a miner build as a base if you want to go for a skill like Blazing Salvo. You're better of taking any random fire crit build out there and adapt from there.

If you're experienced enough sure you can adapt this build for Blazing Salvo but i don't know if i'd recommend it.

I might play Blazing Salvo too (i want that cat :p) but i'm not sure i'll theorycraft too much. If you find anything interesting though feel free to pm me for instance.
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Have you tried blazing salvo yet?
nsantos06 wrote:
... [see above]
I'm currently playing with this as main skill. You can see my character on my profile. And if you're interested for what it'll become +/-, i put that here.
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