[3.13] Saboteur Pyroclast Mine Crit - Cheap, SSF friendly

does bottled faith makes difference in this build?

i meean if you buy it, the dps will increase...
nsantos06 wrote:
... [see above]
Sure you can use it but it's definitely not a priority considering its price. You'd be better of improving your stuff globally in most cases.

Also, if you take that flask, you probably want to use Zealotry alongside.
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Is the quality on Pyroclast mine even good? It gives increased aoe but I feel like that's not a good thing. Or am I missing something?
MrMustang wrote:
... [see above]
Inc AoE is always a good thing as long as it contributes to increase the resulting radius. And 20% inc AoE probably does that so if you can do it, sure do. But you clearly don't want to reset your skill at lvl 1 for that. So either you leveled multiple copies of the skill so you can keep one high level equipped while doing the vendor recipe on the others to put them with 20% quality, or if you're not in SSF you buy one with quality at 17%+, etc.
What will contribute greatly though is to get the gem to level 21 by vaaling it or finding it like that in Delve, etc. But it's definitely not free (12.5% chance / vaaling).
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I happened upon a Sire of Shards 6-L, would this build work if I were to swap out tremor rod with that?

I saw someone mention something a year or two ago, however I wanted to run it by you first!

Gomahssoul1 wrote:
... [see above]
I didn't test it myself so i'm not sure exactly how it'd behave. There thing is this staff is a funny one in the first place more than a real dps one. Its best strength being the additional projectiles especially if we can somehow counter the issue firing in nova/circle is most of the time.
Expect that's the issue here, the 4 additional projectiles aren't much on this build. I wonder if this wasn't discussed in one of the 20 pages at some point and i did some calculations there. I'll check and edit with a quote if yes.
Edit: Apparently i didn't but there's a few feedbacks with this weapon. One of them being it was a nice way to level up and get a feel of the build. Which i'm 100% agreeing. But yh after if you want a decent dps, you'll want something else. Either tremor rod, martyr of innocence, etc.
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