[3.13] Saboteur Pyroclast Mine Crit - Cheap, SSF friendly

Cypher121 wrote:
Maining the build this league, so far wrecks everything. I'm not quite sold on using Immolate though, seems like Fire Penetration outshines it on hit damage with only a minor loss to ignite dps.

Alternatively, there seems to be potential to put in Hypothermia instead, and rely on Skitterbots to chill bosses. Most things die too fast to notice, but are skitterbots reliable for that?

Also couple gearing questions: is Tremor Rod better than Martyr? The damage increase doesn't seem worth losing double detonation. And what would you say is the best Watcher's Eye Zealotry mod? I'm partial to either increased crit or resist penetration, but the latter is kind of not a budget option.
Check in PoB, see if it's better. I'm not here to tell what is better, i just wanted to give a good & cheap base build available to anyone even in SSF. I'm not the right person to tell you what is better in terms of items as i always play in SSF for a while now ^^.
What would you recommend for helmet for this build? I am thinking something with the +2 pyroclast mines projectiles enchant. Seems like a lot of people use Starkonja's with that enchant or is there a better option? I have a 6 link tremor rod for pyroclast mines and a 5 link carcass jack for body armor at the moment.
vornskr wrote:
... [see above]
Starkonja is fine yes (and is indeed a very popular helmet), or any rare you like better than this unique.
How much dps buff does "+2 proj enchant" provide?
pphnx wrote:
... [see above]
If PoB takes that into account you can see it in there. Otherwise you can calculate it, but overall it's a great dps increase, especially for clearing as you need to throw way less mines to get the same amount of projectiles than without.

Is this suitable for HC? If not, any main changes I should make?

Also, can I use Pyroclast only, even for map clearing? Is it that slow compared to Icicle mines?

Also, what's the optimal weapon and chest for this build?

What type of armor should I prioritize? (evasion/es/armour)

What are the Pyroclast Mine gems priority until 6link?

Thanks a lot :)
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lazycalm2 wrote:
... [see above]
I'd not play this build in HC for sure but i'm not a HC player. If i had to play in HC i'd only play a tanky build, with chaos damage/ignore reflect.

Pyroclast can be used for clearing too yes, not sure how slower it is versus icicle, didn't test it last league, i didn't play much at all.

Optimal weapon/chest are displayed in the thread.
We take Acrobatics so mainly evasion.

You can check the priority in PoB, but i'd say something like Swift Assembly, Combustion, Trap & Mine Dmg, Fire pen, Immolate (you need a decent amount of crit already for this gem to be interesting enough).
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how do i do this (w/ Swift Assembly & Skitterbots shock effect on belt)?

W0lt3 wrote:
... [see above]
I just applied a more multiplier related to what Swift Assembly and Skitterbots shock effect give. You can just copy/paste the part present on the belt to any other build you want.

It's sad PoB still doesn't calculate a lot of stuff including these two, but also Impale, etc.
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Noticed that there are power charges in the tree but the recommended links are:

Main setup (6l, BGBBGR) : Pyroclast Mine + Swift Assembly + Combustion + Immolate + Trap and Mine Damage + Empower OR Fire Penetration

Should I be adding in Charged Mines Support? If so any recommendations on which gem to swap out?

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