[3.13] Ice Dancing Queen - Icestorm/Cyclone/CI - Viable For Everything

2021-01-12: No changes in 3.13 that affect this build. Everything still works the same.
2021-01-26: Fixed the lv 100 PoB after some recent PoB patch broke the Medium cluster.

Turn Wraeclast into a skating rink and pirouette all over the endgame!

Demo video: Sirus AL8

The main idea is to be tanky and mobile enough to faceroll everything in your way. No boss is too hard, most are too easy. All maps with most any mods are a joke. I've been using this build to do 40/40 challenges on my own merit in many leagues, this is my go-to build to get things done.


Build Theory

This build is based on The Whispering Ice unique staff. Icestorm damage scales from Int, therefore Int is the main stat.

The build is immune to stun, shock, ignite, all forms of chaos damage, and partially immune to chill and freeze.

Key mechanics: cold damage, Chaos Inoculation, ES leech, Zealot's Oath, 2 curses, Elemental Overload, Arcane Surge, Flesh and Stone, Cyclopean Coil.

Classic or Cluster?

Cluster jewels add a lot of damage and defenses. But they are expensive and not always readily available, especially early in a new league.

To put things in perspective:
- classic version on a 5 ex budget can do everything in the game except Sirus AL8, although some of the tankier bosses and Conquerors take a while to kill;
- cluster version on a 20 ex budget can farm everything including Sirus AL8 quite comfortably.

It only makes sense to switch to the cluster version when you have 2 large cluster jewels with Cold To The Core and 2 Split Personality jewels with Int+ES. Until then just go with the classic version.

Is this a good league starter?

The answer REALLY depends on your personal play style and league goals.

Leveling with Icestorm is super easy. But it's not the fastest way to move forward, there are MUCH faster builds. It uses cheap leveling uniques. But they don't become widely available until a few hours after the league start.

If you want to race through the Acts and into the maps as soon as the servers unlock then this is not something this build can do. But if you are in no hurry, or starting late, then sure enough, this build is a cheap and easy way to cakewalk through the storyline and start mapping. It doesn't require any expensive gear or 6L items even for the endgame content.

PoB data

Use the Community version of PoB.

Lv 90 Classic PoB

Final Cluster PoB
Read the Notes in PoB for more details

Skill tree

Lv 90 Classic tree

Final cluster tree
(see PoB for the jewels and more details)

Note that there is a disconnected node at the Templar start. Take it when you finish Uber Lab (Path of the Templar).

Cluster version also has several nodes at the top of the tree that are allocated via the Thread of Hope jewel.


Kill them all


Ascendant: Occultist, Inquisitor, Path of the Templar - in that order


Solaris (fully upgraded) provides the best overall defense.

Minor (not important):
- Tukohama (upgraded) for tanking heavy hitters and stationary regen.
- Gruthkul (upgraded) for a little more safety while moving.
- Yugul against elemental reflect.


The Staff

The build is based on this item.

Keep in mind that rolling 6S manually with jeweller orbs requires ilvl 50 or higher. Crafting bench can force 6 sockets on any staff.

Only CwC and Inspiration need to be linked to Cyclone, the rest of the links are not necessary. Icestorm automatically uses all support gems in the staff without the need to link them. 3-5L is the norm, 6L is actually bad because it increases the mana cost for no reason.

Important: Always 20q your staff before attempting to 6S it. Quality improves your roll by a lot. You can do it much cheaper than via the crafting bench with average luck, as long as it's 20q.

Do not corrupt the staff! 18% block is an excellent defensive mod, and there are no good Vaal mods for staves that would help this build.

Recommended uniques

Astramentis solves all stat requirement issues and provides a huge amount of damage via its high Intelligence (which is also boosted by the staff and belt). The implicit mod can be easily rolled to 16 with a few Blessed Orbs. A low explicit roll (below 90) can be turned into a high roll (over 90) with a Divine orb or two.

Shaper/Crusader amulets can do better but they can be very expensive and may require Str and Dex from other sources. Upgrading Astramentis to a good rare amulet should be one of the final steps.

Use Intrinsic Catalyst for max stats, and anoint it with Tranquility (see Anointment).

Cyclopean Coil provides a lot of Int while making you immune to shock and ignite (your stats will normally end up in this hierarchy: Int > Str > Dex). It also adds 1% Increased damage per 5 of your lowest stat. With Astramentis your lowest stat is usually about 150 Dex, that's 30% Increased damage right there.

Always use Intrinsic Catalyst on it. And if you can get a corrupted version with extra %Int - even better.

The Stampede lets you cyclone at 150% movement speed without using Quicksilver flasks. This comes at the price of Int, ES and resists of good rare boots. But this is a Blight league unique and it can be anointed, negating some of the Int loss or helping you with resists. The quality of life these boots provide is simply awesome and is well worth sacrificing some stats.

Helmet, chest, gloves, boots

Use rares. The most important stat is Int, followed by ES and resists. If you are not using The Stampede, you need boots with at least 25% movement speed.

Go for these upgrades when you can afford them:

Hunter helmets can have 9-10% inc Intelligence. You can craft it on a non-influenced ilvl 75-79 Hubris Circlet with a Hunter's Exalted Orb. When the helmet has all 3 prefixes taken and 1 suffix empty, this is the only possible outcome for ilvl 75-79.

Shaper and Crusader body armors can have a 12% increased Intelligence mod. Also, 6% increased Attributes can be crafted on any body armor. The ways to craft such an item:
a) alt-spam a Shaper or Crusader Vaal Regalia to get the %int suffix and high ES prefix, then regal and hope for another decent ES prefix (scour and start over if you fail), then multi-craft the rest;
b) chaos spam a Shaper or Crusader base;
c) find a non-influenced base with good ES and 2 open suffixes (possibly annul), then use Crusader's Exalted Orb and hope for the %int suffix (it's not the only possible outcome).

Beast-craft Aspect of the Spider on rare gloves, boots or ring with an open suffix. Gloves are the best option. You need to acquire Fenumus (the beast) for this.


Rare rings with 50+ Int and as much ES and resistance as you can find. Ideally they should be Synthesized with the 6% Int implicit. Use Intrinsic Catalyst for more Int, or Prismatic if you are struggling to max resists.


Astramentis is great. But eventually you can upgrade it to a rare amulet with percentage and flat Int and extra damage per Int. The most expensive versions (Shaper/Crusader dual inflienced) can have double %Int/Attr mods.

Always use Intrinsic Catalyst and anoint Tranquility.

Note: Replacing Astramentis will result in a big loss of Str and Dex. Always check in PoB before doing that. Make sure you can still use all items and gems. Str gems can be downgraded to a lower level. Cyclone (Dex) doesn't need to be higher than lv 1. You can take Practical Application, or replace a Brute Force or Fertile Mind cluster with something else. Most importantly, check if the damage gained by this upgrade is worth the trouble. Only very good rare amulets are really better than a high-rolled Astramentis.


This build does not need any enchantments, they are all optional. If you get something useful - great, but you'll do just fine without any of this.

If you are not using The Stampede, then get 2% regen or some added damage on the boots. The Stampede can be anointed, and that's much better than any lab enchantments (anointment and enchantment use the same affix slot; can't have both).

Helmet is a big lottery (increased effect of Enfeeble, Frostbite, or Flesh and Stone).

None of the glove enchantments matter.

Do not use crappy items with useful enchantments, they are not worth the sacrifice.


Things to get with the oils:

Diamond Skin (Clear, Sepia, Teal): excellent for leveling. +12% all resists and +3% movement speed.

Wisdom of the Glade (Clear, Clear, Amber): once your resists are good, here's a cheap +30 Int.

Mystic Talents (Amber, Opalescent, Silver): next step up, some ES and damage on top of 30 Int.

Tranquility (Azure, Golden, Golden): the ultimate upgrade, a MASSIVE damage buff plus a little more ES. Transfiguration of Soul adds 30% of your total Increased ES modifier as an extra Increased Damage modifier. For example, I currently have 74% Increased ES from the tree and 2371 Int. 10 Int = 2% Increased ES. Therefore, in total I have 74 + (2371 / 10 * 2) = 548% Increased ES modifier, and Tranquility gives me 548 * 0.3 = 164% Increased damage.


You will need several Brute Force Solution and Fertile Mind jewels to convert Str and Dex nodes to Int, with their own Int on top of that.

The same node can be converted by multiple overlapping jewels. In this build some small Str and Dex nodes are double-converted for 20 Int each.

These jewels are cheap and can be used to get useful corruptions:
- immunity to Corrupting Blood: great for mapping, must have for Sirus
- 1% cold or elemental penetration
- 1% reduced mana reservation: if you are going for extra auras (see Auras)

Rare jewels with good mods can be used in the other sockets that don't have Str/Dex nodes nearby. Resist/damage jewels can also be used if you are struggling to max the resists.

The following mods are good on rare jewels:
+12-16 to Intelligence
+8-10 to mixed attributes (Int/Str, Int/Dex or All Attr)
14-16% Increased Spell damage while wielding a staff
14-16% Increased Cold damage
10-12% Increased Spell damage
10-12% Increased Area damage

Str/Dex balance: You want to keep Str above Dex, so that Cyclopean Coil makes you immune to ignite.

Pure Talent gives you 25 All Attr for playing a Scion and 5% resist penetration for taking one of the Templar starting nodes (via Path of the Templar).

Thread of Hope lets you allocate passives without connecting them to the main tree. For this build you need one with Large radius. It's a common drop from Sirus and usually isn't expensive. You must connect Light Eater and Utmost Intellect via their small nodes until you get Thread of Hope.

Watcher's Eye has 2-3 random mods that add extra effects to various auras. The mods useful to this build are:

+(20-30) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline - a powerful supplement to the capped ES leech, especially for clearing maps with nasty mods. It works wonders against packs of dangerous enemies that could do more damage than 30% of your ES per second (the leech cap).

(10-15)% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline - extra leech (it increases the leech cap!) is very useful against bosses.

Gain (6-9)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity - a lot of extra ES. You can run lv 1 Clarity for 34 mana.

If you can find a jewel with more than one of these mods, it's awesome. However, such a jewel can cost more than the rest of the gear combined, and it's not really necessary for anything.

Note: Watcher's Eye is optional! It's not required for the build to function, just nice to have.

Cluster jewels take the build to a whole new level. They add a huge amount of Int and damage. But they are expensive and not available early in a new league.

The main part of the cluster version of the build is the Large cluster jewel with two Split Personality jewels at the very end of a long and winding tree. The longer the tree path from the start to them, the more Int and ES they provide.

The large cluster needs to be of the Cold type, with 8 nodes and Cold To The Core. Ideally, it should have 3 notables. This way you can have two useful notables on the sides before the sockets.

To see the exact placement of the notables, you need to copy the jewel from the game (Ctrl-C) or the trade website (the Copy button), paste it into PoB (Items -> Create Custom -> Ctrl-V -> Add to Build), and put it into any empty socket at the edge of the tree.

2 Split Personality jewels with Int+ES should be placed into the farthest cluster. A medium cluster of the curse type with Master of Fear and/or Wish for Death can be inserted in front of Split Personality for a good upgrade.

Megalomaniac jewels can have any 3 random cluster notables. The most valuable ones are worth getting even when there is nothing else good on the jewel. They can also be found on Medium or Small clusters.
- Overlord: damage mitigation
- Cold to the Core: more damage
- Genius: more Int
- Energy from Naught: more ES
- Master of Fear: more damage
- Wish for Death: culling strike
- Blanketed Snow: more damage
- Conservation of Energy: extra leech


Arcane Surge Support lv 1-6 (match the mana cost of Vortex)
Ball Lightning lv 4
Bonechill Support lv 20, ideally lv 21
Cast When Damage Taken Support lv 1
Cast When Damage Taken Support lv 20, ideally Anomalous
Cast While Channelling Support, ideally Awakened
Concentrated Effect Support, ideally 21/20
Controlled Destruction Support, ideally Awakened
Cyclone any level
Discipline, ideally lv 21
Elemental Focus Support, ideally Awakened
Enfeeble, ideally 21/20
Flesh and Stone
Frost Bomb
Frostbite, ideally 21/20
Frostblink, ideally lv 21
Hextouch Support 20q, ideally Awakened
Immortal Call
Increased Area of Effect Support, ideally Awakened
Increased Duration Support, ideally 20/23
Inspiration Support
Vortex, ideally 20/23

Flame Dash
Frost Shield
Blade Blast lv 7
Phantasmal Wave of Conviction 20q
Arctic Armour, ideally lv 21
Fortify any level
Culling Strike any level
Vaal Righteous Fire
Frost Wall lv 10
Purity of Elements, ideally lv 21
Summon Skitterbots, ideally lv 21

Recommended priority of adding quality:
- primary DPS gems: CwC, Concentrated Effect, Elemental Focus, Controlled Destruction
- Hextouch
- Enfeeble
- Inc Duration

Uber Lab farming is a good way to add quality to your gems. You can often find treasure chests filled with random quality gems to vendor for the GCP recipe.

If you are not into Uber Lab farming, then:
- for non-DPS gems, level the gem to 20 or buy an uncorrupted 20/0 gem, vendor the gem + Gemcutter Prism to get a 1/20 gem, and then level that one. You can get them to lv 17-18 in no time, and that is enough for them to be efficient;
- for the DPS gems, level 2 copies at the same time (or buy 20/0) and then vendor one copy with GCP and re-level it in the swap weapon.

Lv 21/0 gems are often very cheap. For this build they are better than 20/20.

Betrayal: 3-star Tora in Research will add 200M xp to any gem, i.e. instantly turn a lv 19 gem into lv 20.

Sockets and Links


Cyclone - CwC - Inspiration, Concentrated Effect, Elemental Focus (5S), Controlled Destruction (6S).

Cyclone must be linked to CwC and Inspiration. You don't need to link anything else. Icestorm automatically uses all support gems in the staff.

For rippy map mods and bosses that hit hard and often, replace Inspiration with Fortify (must be linked to Cyclone).

For mapping you can swap CE for Inc AoE to cover more area. If you don't like swapping gems, you can carry a second staff with Inc AoE and switch between them by pressing X: Inc AoE for clearing, CE for bosses.


5L: CWDT lv 1 - Ball Lightning lv 4 - Hextouch (20/20) - Enfeeble (lv 20) - Frostbite (lv 20)

Important: CWDT needs to be lv 1 and BL must be lv 4 or lower, do not level these gems! Hextouch can be any level, 20/20 is highly recommended. The curses must be lv 6 or higher, level them up. This setup will not work with low level curse gems or high level CWDT/BL. You want this link to trigger as often as possible, so CWDT must stay at lv 1. BL higher than lv 4 will be too high level for it to trigger. Curses lower than lv 6 will get triggered by CWDT directly instead of getting procced by BL, and will thus only target a small area and lose the increased effect from Hextouch.

If you don't have a 5L chest yet, drop Frostbite.

If you get a 6L, add Culling Strike, Blade Blast lv 7 or Frost Wall lv 10 (you can Cyclone through your frost walls).

The final upgrade is when you get Awakened Hextouch lv 5 and use Elemental Weakness as the 6th link.

Gloves, boots, helmet

3L: Vortex - Bonechill - Arcane Surge.
Keep Arcane Surge at low levels to trigger on the mana cost of Vortex. For lv 20 Vortex, AS should be lv 6.
Optionally, add Frostblink or Flame Dash to this link too.

4L: CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Frost Bomb
Eventually replace Frost Bomb with Phantasmal Wave of Conviction 20q for a more efficient application of Cold Exposure (note that it must be Phantasmal and 20q).

Place in any free sockets: aura gems and any extras (Frost Shield, Vaal Righteous Fire). Make sure not to link the aura gems to any supports that can increase their mana cost.

How to off-color sockets?

The easiest way to get 3 or all 4 R/G sockets in Int items is to use Jewellers instead of Chromatics. Using the crafting bench, keep adding a new socket and removing it until you get the color you want. Adding a socket doesn't change the colors of the existing sockets.


1. Discipline.
2. Flesh and Stone (Sand stance).
3. Depending on your play style, targets and gear:
- Aspect of the Spider (awesome for both defense and offense)
- Arctic Armour (for facetanking hard hitters)
- Purity of Elements (if you lack resists)
- Summon Skitterbots (some more damage)

Aspect of the Spider can be beast-crafted on any item with an open suffix (usually gloves or ring).

You can have 4 auras if you use Sovereignty and/or Enlighten (depending on which auras you want to have).

My favorite setup is: Discipline, Flesh and Stone, Aspect of the Spider.

Play style

Cyclone through the map and faceroll everything. Use Vortex to trigger Arcane Surge and Bonechill damage bonuses.

The choice of Frostblink vs Flame Dash is up to your taste. I personally like Frostblink better because it can be used without interrupting Cyclone.

Dealing with map mods

This build can run any maps with almost any possible mod combinations. Most of them can be ignored, except a few that require special attention:

No Regen

Bring a mana flask that doesn't end on full mana.

No Leech

If you don't have a Watcher's Eye jewel with +ES gain on hit, then just don't run straight into monster packs, kill them from range. Watcher's Eye trivializes the clearing, then you just need to be careful while tanking endgame bosses.

Elemental Weakness

In red tier maps your resists are lowered by 34%. This is completely mitigated by The Wise Oak flask which is great for this build anyway. Or any Bismuth flask if you can't afford The Wise Oak early in a new league.

-12% to Maximum Resistances

Just be more careful. You'll be taking a little more elemental damage, but very few things hit hard enough to hurt this build.

Elemental Reflect

Wear Sibyl's Lament in the left ring slot and use Yugul as your minor Pantheon power.


Detailed leveling guide is in the next post.

Get to lv 38 any way you can (for example: Icicle Mines - Minefield plus Skitterbots). Or just the good old Freezing Pulse.

As soon as you are able to use CwC (lv 38), equip the staff and start cycloning. Keep resists maxed. Switch to CI after taking the ES leech clusters whenever you feel comfortable - around lv 56-58, definitely should be CI by lv 70.
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Leveling Guide

Leveling with the Whispering Ice is a blast. You can start using it as early as lv 33 with some inconvenience, or at lv 39 where it starts really kicking ass.

However, if you don't have the staff yet and don't think you will get it early enough, then your leveling experiences may vary. This guide is specifically designed for Icestorm.

Remember to complete side quests that give +skill points.

A1: Dweller of the Deep ('the Granddaddy crab')
A1: The Marooned Mariner (Fairgraves)
A1-2: The Way Forward (the seal in Western Forest)
A3: Victario's Secrets (platinum busts)
A4: An Indomitable Spirit (Deshret)
A5: In Service to Science (the Miasmeter)
A5: Kitava's Torments (the Reliquary)
A6: The Cloven One (Aberrath)
A6: The Puppet Mistress (Ryslatha)
A7: Queen of Despair (Gruthkul)
A7: Kishara's Star (the Causeway)
A8: Love is Dead (Tolman)
A8: The Gemling Legion (the Grain Gate)
A8: Reflection of Terror (Yugul)
A9: Queen of the Sands (Shakari)
A9: The Ruler of Highgate (Garukhan)
A10: Vilenta's Vengeance (Vilenta)

And the useful early game upgrade recipes

White boots + Quicksilver + Orb of Augmentation = 10% ms boots
N% ms magic/rare boots + Quicksilver + Orb of Augmentation = N+5% ms boots
Magic wand + Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire ring + Orb of Alteration = +ele dmg to spells

You can get to lv 38-39 any way you like. I like blowing everything up with Icicle Mine.

Tree: lv 1-24

Act 1:

Hillock: Buy Stormblast Mine from Nessa and play a miner.

Drain the underwater passage: take Frost Bomb, buy Swift Assembly and support Stormblast Mine, buy Frostblink.

Play style: drop Frost Bombs as you walk past mobs. You don't need to kill them all, it's enough that some of them die. When you see a particularly juicy pack, a rare or a boss: pop Frost Bomb, throw 3-4 mines, then hold Detonate and keep throwing mines.

Prison or Brutus: take Added Lightning and support Frost Bomb with it.

Merveil Caves: buy Icicle Mine and replace Stormblast with it.

Act 2:

Fidelitas: buy Summon Skitterbots and start using them.

The Weaver: take Conc Effect, buy Elemental Focus and support Icicle Mine with it, buy Controlled Destruction and start leveling it and CE. Whenever you find 4L - add CD to it. If you have 3L for Frost Bomb too - add CD to it.

Tree: lv 38

Act 3:

Crematorium: take Frostbite

Gravicius: take Cyclone

Act 4:

Voll: take Chaos Golem and start using it

Kaom/Daresso, lv 38: buy CwC, equip the staff and start cycloning!

Only need 1 link in the staff for Cyclone - CwC, add the rest of support gems depending on the sockets: CE, EF, CD (blue); Inspiration, Fortify (red, must be linked to Cyclone - CwC); Cold Penetration (green).

You may need to get some Str and Dex from gear to meet the requirements. And just go with Int, resists and life.

My day 1 ghetto outfit at lv 38:

I found exactly 1 chaos, 1 alc, several jewellers and RGB items to vendor for chroms on the way to lv 38. Bought CwC from Petarus and Vanya for that 1 alc, bough the staff for 1c with 2 sockets, it rolled 5S (lucky!) but I didn't have enough chroms to make it better than this. The rest of the items were all self-found.

Lv 39+

Tree: lv 46

Once you are using Icestorm, do the Normal lab and keep rolling. Upgrade your items as you get more currency. Do Cruel lab when it unlocks too (Act 7).

Auras: Flesh and Stone, Discipline, Arctic Armour.

Useful links:
Vortex - Bonechill - Arcane Surge
CWDT - Immortal Call - Enfeeble - Frost Bomb

My stuff at lv 46, day 1 of the Blight league:

And then you can just grab the ES nodes and go CI around lv 56-58. DPS should be fine with 4S or better staff. Nothing hits hard enough if you just keep cycloning. In fact, becoming immune to chaos damage before Act 8 is nice.

Tree: lv 58 with CI

My stuff at lv 58 with CI

All those cheap uniques are very nice for CI. Jewelry for max resist with Int if possible.

Then just grab some ES and more damage and steamroll the rest of the campaign. You should arrive at lv 69 just in time for Kitava. Do Merciless lab before Kitava (30% resistance hit). Make sure to have Granite and Basalt flask for Izaro.

Tree: lv 69

Video: Leveling with WI

And if you are still not CI - now it's definitely time to switch and get some ES gear for mapping.
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welcome back. I am really super happy that you are back in wraeclast.
And you uber elder fight looks really really hillious. I try it now in std with my gear from the last leagues. i never could kill him. Will see if it works with cyclone.

great video and cool musik. I like your ideas to make every league a new picture and guide. I never saw a guide so detailt and easy to start with.
Awesome work look forward to the leveling guide

This variant was a blast to play in 3.7; the mobility of cyclone just makes mapping so smooth.

Also, is occultist mini Ascendancy still best? If you never stop cycloning you will never be stunned as Cyclone comes with stun immunity while channeling it.

Just some food for thought.
Last edited by Gryphenprey on Sep 6, 2019, 1:48:41 AM
Because Kelvynn is back and he has always the greatest ideas when it comes to Whispering Ice build variants i think i will jump also into Cyclone-IceStorm bandwagon for this league and put to rest the previous Winter Orb setup of his build :)

For those interested in numbers(stats) for this build with endgame gear (almost perfect gear i can say) and level 100 character here is the PoB pastebin code of my approach based on my Legion character (Vanilla_IceStorm lv 100)


Bellow is a screenshot from the PoB with the tree and numbers from Path of Building updated 3.8 tree

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Gryphenprey wrote:

This variant was a blast to play in 3.7; the mobility of cyclone just makes mapping so smooth.

Also, is occultist mini Ascendancy still best? If you never stop cycloning you will never be stunned as Cyclone comes with stun immunity while channeling it.

Just some food for thought.

If we could get Whispers of Doom notable enchant on the amulet to get free 2nd course maybe taking Champion mini ascendancy instead of Occultist mini ascendancy would be an option.

But then again there is also Tranquility notable enchant than can be anointed on the Amulet and we don't know yet how OP that enchantment is for our build.

Also the 1.5% ES regen from Occultist mini ascendancy helps a lot when using Blood Rage to bypass the physical degen of it.
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Maybe use skitterbots over AA to get shock+chill auras? And Golem Commander might be nice for two golems with more effect?
Last edited by foojin on Sep 6, 2019, 6:00:16 AM
foojin wrote:
Maybe use skitterbots over AA to get shock+chill auras? And Golem Commander might be nice for two golems with more effect?

We don't have free gem sockets for golems(not even for one but for two). Also skill points spent to get Golem Commander can easily be spent to get more Intelligence always.

Regarding skitterbots, i am not familiar with this new skill how can this one improve this build, can you detail please?

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