[3.16] Ice Dancing Queen - Icestorm/Cyclone/CI - Viable For Everything

2021-10-23: Updated leveling trees and added notes for smoother leveling in 3.16.

Demo video: Mapping in T16
Demo video: The Uncharted Realms

This is the Occultist version of the Ice Dancing Queen. The Ascendant version can be found > here <. They have very similar damage output with some minor differences in the build features. The main feature of the Occultist version is Profane Bloom explosions and the clear speed they bring.

See the Ascendant version for more information about gear, gems, jewels, etc. as well as more videos. Read the Build Theory and Classic vs Cluster sections to understand how it works.


PoB data

Use the Community version of PoB.

Leveling trees for 3.16
Read the notes in PoB for more details.

Possible 3.16 cluster tree


Kill them all.


1. Void Beacon
2. Frigid Wake
3. Malediction
4. Profane Bloom


Major: Solaris
Minor: Yugul

Get them fully upgraded.


1. Discipline
2. Clarity
3. Purity of Elements
4. Blasphemy Frostbite
5. Aspect of the Spider (optional)

Having one curse as an aura makes the Profane Bloom explosions work really well.

When you are still leveling and your gear is not good, you can swap Enfeeble and Frostbite and have Enfeeble as an aura for more safety while mapping.


!!! This is an Int stacking build. It scales from Int in multiple ways. Other than the build-enabling weapon and very special boots, every single piece of gear must provide a high amount of Int. Do not neglect Int on your items.

See the Ascendant version for detailed gear recommendations.

The difference for the Occultist is that Whispers of Doom is already taken on the tree, and you anoint the boots with Light Eater or Ethereal Feast instead.

And there is no use for the Pure Talent jewel.



Carrying two staves and swapping between them with X is the best setup:

For map clearing: Cyclone - CwC lv 15, Arcane Surge, Elemental Proliferation, Hypothermia (5S), Increased AoE (6S).

For single target: Cyclone - Awakened CwC lv 1, Arcane Surge, Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction (5S), Elemental Focus (6S).

You can kill most bosses even with your AoE freezing staff that you use for clearing the map. But they die a lot faster with a dedicated single target setup. Or you can swap the last 3 gems for the boss.

Detailed explanation why these CwC levels can be found >here<. If you don't have Awakened CwC for the boss staff yet, use CwC lv 15 in both staves.

Reminder: Cyclone must be linked to CwC. You don't need to link anything else. Icestorm automatically uses all support gems in the staff.


5L: CWDT lv 1 - Ball Lightning lv 1 - Hextouch (20/20) - Enfeeble (lv 20) - Elemental Weakness (lv 20)

Important: CWDT and BL need to be lv 1, do not level these gems! Hextouch can be any level, 20/20 is highly recommended. The curses must be lv 6 or higher, level them up. This setup will not work with low level curse gems or high level CWDT/BL. You want this link to trigger as often as possible, so CWDT must stay at lv 1. Curses lower than lv 6 will get triggered by CWDT directly, apply to a small area and eat all your mana.

If you don't have a 5L chest yet, drop EW.

If you get a 6L, add Culling Strike.

Gloves, boots, helmet

2L: Blasphemy - Frostbite

2L: Vortex - Bonechill

4L (optional): Enlighten - Purity of Elements - Discipline - Clarity
This is only needed when you add Aspect of the Spider.

4L: CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Frost Bomb lv 1
Eventually replace Frost Bomb with Phantasmal Wave of Conviction 20q for a more efficient application of Cold Exposure (note that it must be Phantasmal and 20q).

Place in any free sockets: aura gems (if not using Enlighten) and any extras (Frostblink, Frost Shield). Make sure not to link the aura gems to any supports that can increase their mana cost.

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Leveling Guide (3.16)

PoB Leveling trees
Read the notes in PoB for more details.


See the Ascendant guide for details.

The difference for the Occultist (other than the tree and Ascendancies) is that she uses a Blasphemy Frostbite aura (can start using it in Act 3). And she does quite a bit more damage while leveling than the Ascendant.
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work in progress

Early leveling (lv 1-38)

Twink gear

Plus any gloves with armour/life and rings with resists.

Day 1 gear

What if it's day 1 of a new league and you don't have the twink gear yet? Self-found gear will do just fine. Get some armour, life, mana regen (amulet), as much resists as you can find, and a couple of wands. Use essences to turn white bases into random rares.

The solo purpose of your boots is movement speed, the stats on them don't matter. If Tarkleigh doesn't have 10 ms boots for sale, make them yourself with the Quicksilver flask that you get from the Medicine Chest quest:


At lv 15 you can start using 15 ms boots. Upgrade your boots using the same recipe and the Quicksilver flask from the Great White Beast quest in Act 2.

At lv 30 you can start using 20 ms boots. Upgrade again. You should find another flask by then.

Acts 4-10 (lv 39-69)

Early mapping (lv 70-80)

Advanced mapping (lv 80-90)

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First <3
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cant wait to see how this turns out good luck :)
Kelvynn wrote:
Work in progress

This is an Occultist version of the Ice Dancing Queen, inspired by the buffs to Occultist in 3.13. The stable and proven Ascendant version can be found > here <. The new Occultist is a project that may work better than Ascendant but it still needs a lot of development and testing.

See the Ascendant build for all the information about gear, gems, jewels, etc. as well as the demo videos. For now, this thread will contain only what's different for the Occultist.

(still editing)

Normaly i dont like to try new stuff :-) But will see how it works. Hope it works in the end better then bevor.

Early lvl tree would be fine.
Comming back next league to have a go at it. looking forward to try this version out. :D
is this build good for starting? can you please tell me will you finish the version of the occult before the start of the league? will you start on it or not?
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Kelvynn take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Note to everyone: we can level up with any reasonable Witch build, then respec back to whispering ice when everything's lined up. That is my plan...

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