Content Update 3.8.0 -- Path of Exile: Blight

Natul wrote:
People are quitting left and right because its too difficult, what a bunch of weak exiles!

At first glance a lot of things look nerfed, but if you go back and do a little theory crafting to your builds you would realize there's a lot of buffs in there.

After removing some jewels and using cheap gear I still have a 4mill+ Zombiemancer, 3mill+ Skellymancer, 2mill+ Cyclone, and even the RF build is still a god.

I think a lot people are missing the whole idea, this is a challenge league. Stop your complaining and challenge yourself!

The truth is that nobody is quitting. They just want attention and they have to say something out of frustration.
Everyone can clearly see that they are adding new items and making a lot of changes that compensate for some of the nerfs introduced.

It's easier to say "destroyed" or "op" instead of actually looking into new ways to make your build better.
Like shags said in another topic - it's easier to sling poo at each other right now than wait a few more days and see how everything works out.
Nerf Headhunter
We D2 Necro for real now. Bone Armour and Stacking +Skills gear.
I just wanna Play Wild Strike.
well rip violent dead? whocares I m still gonna play zombiemancer cuz I m lazy.
I tested my build with out 2 of violent dead jewels? guess what still 178k hit dmg and 218k ground slam from 7 zombies...and thats with out a timeless jewel and no carrion golem (witch I m gonna have 2x with a clayshaper offhand)

btw with 2 violent dead skill cd moves from 1.78 sec to 1.67 and dps of slam moves from 255k to 218.280 no biggy...seriously 1.527k dps vs 1.785k I m not even adding any skeletons or the shitton of dmg I ll get from new golem.

It saz there are 13 new passives we can get from oils at blight. There are 9 at pob. Where to find the remaining 4?
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OoOOh MY ! This will be Epic !!
Can't wait for tomorrow =D


And ofcourse a supportpack purchased !
it's not at all exciting it's even terrifying, you went crazy, what a disappointment, and of course fans scream genius, still the same theater, unable to review the horrible artistic choices of the beginning or add a new class
The mana cost reduction crafted modifier (AKA "Elreon's") has been split into two separate modifiers -- one for Channeling skill mana costs, and one for non-Channeling skill mana costs. Each has three ranks.

What happens to existing crafted rings with the "-x to total mana cost of skills" mod in Standard?

Will the pre-3.8 mod on existing rings:

  • remain as is (and continue to apply to both channeling and non-channeling skills); or
  • change to the 3.8 non-channeling skill mod; or
  • change to the 3.8 channeling skill mod?

Il n’y a pas de soleil sans ombre, et il faut connaître la nuit.
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yep..zombie + golem time
Fixed a bug where you would fail to create a portal with Cast on Death if you were frozen at the point you died.

Seems like a feature tbh

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