Content Update 3.8.0 -- Path of Exile: Blight

Zombies now have a base cooldown of 4 seconds for their slam attack (from 5).

Just added, thanks to Natalia_GGG

Although, I just have to say: This is not much of an improvement over having their cooldown being 5 seconds to begin with. What is the maximum % of increased cooldown reduction speed that we will be able to obtain? Is it 76% like I think it will be, or is it able to scale an additional 4% per gem level, even past gem level 20?
Sweet patch notes - although I don't see a fix for not being able to use a movement skill in town. You can use them in your hideout. Hopefully this gets fixed too!
chopfsalat wrote:
Flesh Binder, Invoker, Bone Sculptor, Soul Weaver and Puppet Master have all been removed

Bone Sculptor

Aah, so no more 200%+ increased movement-speed zippy fast skeletons with Queen's escape. feels bit bad man

You get 30% from Mindless Aggression ascendancy, 10% is now baked into Redemption which you'll need for minion accuracy anyway, and 38% if you take the new Ravenous Horde cluster. All said, you're looking at 178% ALL Minions speed versus 100% all minion speed and 200% for skeletons. Not to mention that Queen's Escape's minion damage and minion life values were more than doubled. Sounds like a fair trade to me because -22% minion speed will be barely noticeable.
Thank for rare mobs encounter change and delve update
CreoZ wrote:

d3 now harder than poe man)))

just.. end game poe content = uber elder, was killed by 70% min in prev league..

Lmao wtf are you talking about? Where do you pull that "70% of players killed UberElder" stat out from lmao? The Devs themselves on Baeclast said that the average player ( this is avg, so 50% are worse than average) doesn't even get close to guardians... and you're here saying that 70% killed UE ROFL... you need to get real. It's a very small amount that kill UE themselves without a carry + Delve is real endgame past UE.
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I'm just gonna highlight this for everyone here -

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Raise Zombie
Zombies now have a base cooldown of 4 seconds for their slam attack (from 5).
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
psycatz wrote:
Enjoy your super bugged alpha league for the next 30 days LOL

Enjoy your dead, cesspool standard with 5 people playing it, 0 trades and no new league mechanic nor challenges/mtx rewards LEL.
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GGG had their balance right based on last league's improvements, more then half of the population played cyclone, why not balance all other skills to match and make everyone happy, instead of nerf it back down to the ground to promote other play style?

League chaser might not care about all the nerfs as new league comes they'll just play whatever skills that got buffed but what about standard league players? GGG just trashed all the hardwork they put into their build.

Multistrike gonna be severely nerfed. Lol at "balance"...
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Multistrike is nerfed even further. Cmon almost everybody stopped using it bc of animation cancelling, why nerf it further?

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