Content Update 3.8.0 -- Path of Exile: Blight

i'm just being dumb but what's with these changes it seems like some gem's are increasing the mana to other gems not connected to it now. i had a Empowered Gem drop put it in a socket on boots and it increased the cost of some gems in my chest piece why?
Syndicate lag still a thing? Not played since April and haven't kept up to date with patch notes so sorry if I missed it.
can anyone explain, if monster have a fire or lightning icon for example, it means he have resist to those towers or it means weakness? if its resist i should use ANY other type of tower or do i have to use exact "counter tower"?
Raise Zombie Gem info just in via PoB, seems slam CD is 1.00 secs.

Thanks GGG for considering our hurt with the removal of violent dead.

Looking forward to celestial raise zombie <3
What a ridiculous nerf to Cyclone base damage. GGG should be ashamed they are constantly having to do wildly swinging corrections because of their own incompetence. I'm really tired of being forced to garbage builds I put so much effort into maximizing. Fucking ridiculous.
So far, I'm having fun with Blight. I'm trying the Assassin and liking a lot of the new changes. The Cobra Lash skill is pretty cool, better in some ways than Spectral Throw, and not as good in other ways, but overall a great fit for Shadows/Assassins.

I do have an observation/complaint: Change the graphics on Venom Gyre. It looks like you're throwing out a bunch of bananas and when they come back, they come back not banana-shaped but like a beam that makes me think of the poison spit by some spiders and it took me a while to get out of the habit of dodging them to catch my returning projectiles. Please, no more throwing bananas! Make them look like knives, maybe curved like claws, or even like shuriken or something. Anything but magical, poisonous bananas!
Welp, came back to the game after a couple months away. Main character's been bricked and I'll have to rebuild him thanks to the complete removal of leech for spellcasters. Went into an easy map with a "no hp/es/mana regen" mod and died in seconds because my counter for it has been removed.

Was using warlord's mark-blasphemy to fund my mana draw, offset the self-DoT from Disintigrator : Maelstrom Staff and give me endurance charges for immortal call and general damage reduction.
Forced to replace a life flask with mana and remove warlord's aura reserve just to use any skills. AND now I have to use my one life flask just to not kill myself with the staff's self-DoT.

What now? Dump half of my passives for mana regen nodes? and those aren't even that great unless you have increased max mana as well. Clarity has a flat mana reserve so it's harsher on those with low mana pools, which is usually when you're going to want the regen.

Start over? Had finally created a good build from scratch ~_~

I mean, I understand nerfing something you think is too strong, but deleting it completely? Could have just had spells get half the benefits of leech.

Spent the last few hours trying to figure out what to do with my crippled main.
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Mastermind Intelligence no longer decays.

I don't remember that mastermind intelligence decayed before, but intelligence towards safehouses did (after 3 more betrayal encounters the safehouse was no longer available).

It seems now that safehouse intelligence no longer decays however (ran 5 or 6 betrayal encounters and my research safehouse stays available, while I would have liked to shuffle it before running considering I have a stupid useless rank 1 leader with It That Fled rank 3 waiting behind him).

Is it what's that line of the patch notes meant? That safehouse (not mastermind) intelligence no longer decays? Or is it a bug?

Edit: finally decayed, seems to take longer than before though (6th encounter).
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I have to admit that reading those angry posts from these butthurt people have more fun than i ever expected.
I mean, just stop playing it if u dont like it, like I did. Been there done that, i was once a butthurt guy as well. Regardless how diehard u r, how many supporter pack u have purchased, u won't be missed and they will be doing fine as usual
Nvm deleted..
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