Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

Looks like the rule of start over and over is not only for league also now is going to standard, nerf after nerf, not a single build can survive the 3 months cycle, that formula will end with this games, people dont like start over and over same content every 3 months, thats why a lot of people play standard but now......also standard in the cycle of every 3 months new builds....bad really bad
Ok everybody, you gotta chill.

I honestly don't think these changes will kill the game, if you like it, you play it, try other builds, they are adding a lot quality of life to the game, get your expectations low, and try enjoying the new league, i personaly love the hype arround everybody starting fresh, and get to know the new league mechanics.

Anyway, i understand the nerfs aside the mana changes, but i rly think this is going to be fun, let's whait until the patch notes and try theorycrafting a build you will like to play.
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This is a buff
Trickster nerf AGAIN?? But why...
It's really nice! I like it
I really like most of the changes and relief thst traps are getting some base damage cuz of the nerf in general, cyclone needed some ajustment but I think you gutted too mich haha

The only change I really see no future is the mana spell caster, the comparison you make with accuracy is not on the same level, attacks builds just need some in passive tree and gear, and in passive tree the accuacy already come in the damage node you normally take, but with mana is different as you always reserve most of it, that is why EB is so viable, and most spell caster travel a lot in the tree to get the life nodes, so having to invest a lot of point in mana now really hurt spell casters and on top of that you are investing on an unreliable mana source as flask becouse in long fight you will eventually run out and not to mention that use a flask space for a mana flask is already a big investment

Also seems that mana spending will counter itself as the game rewards spell casters spending a lot of mana with some uniques and ascendencies likes occultist and trickster and arcane surce, now you will be rewarded for spending less but still need the other bonuses

As an attack base character you already have a lot of life nodes near, you solve your mana problem with a single node on the tree and you already get the bonuses for accuracy in the nodes you normally take for damage, so I don’t see why mana needs to be so incovinient for spell casters

For elementalist seems there is no really a reason to use it, comparing with inquisitor, trickster and now even assasin seems like it is just an underwhelming ascendency with little bonuses,

I still feels like EB with energy leech will be the way to go for spell casters becouse it even let you use MoM without sacrificing your auras

I like too see that you want different weaknesses for each base class, just keep looking for spell caster hehe
Looks like some much-needed changes. I'm probably sitting Blight out after a couple weeks of it though.

The stupid challenges just burn me out.
I am more excited for melee changes in 3.8 as I was in 3.7 lol
RIP my Guardian herald of purity / summoner hybrid

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