Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

Woot! Ice Shot Buffed! :D
Kirbynatorz wrote:

the point is opening the game up and removing the limitation they had on themselves because mana sustain was not a consideration for practically any build in the game.

Now mana flasks are relevant again lategame, with some new cool clusters on top of it too.

AND it brings back MoM as a relevant keystone and archetype

Not a consideration? Yea, sure.

How exactly these changes are supposed to make MoM more relevant now is beyond me tbh. MoM is going to be the first thing to get dropped when mana sustain is an issue.

Overall to me this sounds like a big fat nerf for casters. A big nerf for MoM. This certainly doesn't sound as if it's going to do much for the survivability of an Elementalist for example. Which is already lackluster, to say the least.
Any plans on buffing "The Queen's Hunger" now that the Necromancer node penalises offerings less?
Ashriel wrote:

You added Pulverize with a more multiplier for AoE. It was an excellent addition to the game. Now you've totally taken that away - something people have been wanting and something you implemented correctly - for no good reason. It will now see literally zero use.

Oh, yes, i forgot to mention that one. What's the point of adding Pulverize, seeing it widely used and then gutting it a league later? If you didn't want to buff melee AoE you could've just skipped this gem - and now, yes, it'll most likely not be used because adding damage as a bandaid is absolutely useless, people didn't use Pulverize for damage in 3.7 and they won't be using it for damage in the future.
we've also changed the Guardian so he no longer grants specific bonuses to Herald of Purity and Dominating Blow minions, and have built the Crusade Slam effect into the minions themselves. We'll likely do this more as part of future reworks.

Do we have 2 ascendancy of templar rework in Blight or it future patch ?
Glad to see the changes u guys recognized
So far, so good!
I really like most of what I'm reading here.
I also especially like to see that GGG isn't too afraid to nerf people's toys if it is better for the game overall.

The only thing I am somewhat concerned about is the mana cost of selfcasting and channeling spells.

The Mana change seems scary and i hope that them saying "we don't want the solution to be a huge investment" means like 3-5 points on the Passive tree and DEFINITELY NOT a Mana Flask! One Flaskslot alone is a HUGE investment into anything really.
I remember playing a Stormburst build and Having a Mana cost of 34 I believe which I would have had to pay 6.5 times a Second. That would be 221 Mana per second and I really don't believe I could have ended up playing that build if it wasn't for - Mana cost of skills on both rings and the amulet, which seems like a reasonably high investment already.

I was very surprised to read that Impale does not get nerfed, ~145% More Damage for 1 support gem, 7 passive nodes and 10% Mana reserved seems waaaay too high to me.
Hope Blight league is gonna be a good one, Legion was a big disappointment to me. I like leagues that have Bossfights, a lot of content to explore and depth to it.

Keep up the great work and I'm looking forwards to the Blight League!
Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. Borings skill up, funny nefred.
Path of nerfs ;(
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Ashriel wrote:
Please stop nerfing AoE. Cyclone AoE is one thing, but skills like Contagion getting reduced radius? Please. Someone at GGG needs to have their "fun police" title revoked because they keep being allowed to put their nose where it doesn't belong.

aoe nerf to cyclone is extremely obsessive. it was too large in a specific scenario but it required a huge investment to get there. If you think it was needed to become a strike skill then i suspect you were just jealous from watching a streamer kill like he was a range/spell caster.

it is a 50 to 75% aoe nerf. no more range multiplier no more bonus from taking + range on tree aside from a paultry 8% per. it is ridiculous.
instead of fixing the top end , they just gutted it to be less aoe then vortex.

Mana leech changes are going to suck. No one wants to pop mana flasks all day long. Clear signs that those guys aren’t playing their own game anymore. Sad.
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