Balance in Path of Exile: Blight

How do you manage to have a power creep to the point where you 1 shot everything in the game other than Shaper and UElder when all you do is nerf?

I don't even get it.

You just got 4.6 million dps off my berserker, appreciate it.
Kirbynatorz wrote:
MeWhenum wrote:
I actually laughed aloud when I read the section about mana for spellcasters. The changes are...kind of just unnecessary? If they really think the issue with casters is that mana leech was too good...I...really don't know what to say. So now we get to replace mana leech with a required mana pot modifier, so that's a flask gone, and/or more investment required for the new mana passives...and...why, exactly?

I just don't get the logic here, unless the logic is just change for the sake of change. Truly baffling design choice (as if spellcasters were op...?)

The rest looks pretty nice to me.

Edit; also, mega rip to indigon, unless I'm missing something.

the point is opening the game up and removing the limitation they had on themselves because mana sustain was not a consideration for practically any build in the game.

Now mana flasks are relevant again lategame, with some new cool clusters on top of it too.

AND it brings back MoM as a relevant keystone and archetype

Except it doesn't? People just won't play spell casters as much and instead switch to cheaper and more efficient builds. That doesn't make Mana flasks relevant at all. Do you not know how the meta works? People just swap to the most efficient and effective builds. This league thats going to be Poison builds and Minion builds. Neither of which will be using Mana leech. Well, spell leech that is.
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Seriously? Nothing but nerfs.

Comparing accuracy to mana regen is a joke... I just don't get these lazy nerfs to QoL. As if we weren't already having to piano flasks, no leech is going to make playing any spell-caster hell.

I don't care for mines or minions so I think I'll be sitting this league out.
>Flask modifiers unveiled only from the unique flask from the syndicate mastermind now only require a single unveil to unlock. it was before then...before you literally stole the unlocks away from everyone who previously unlocked them and told them to unlock them two more times. Better stick with it this time.

Huge nerfs across the board on half of the ascendancies. So much for the power creep everyone promised. We'll see tomorrow in the real patch notes I guess.
We've replaced all non-ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multipliers with Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier [...] This is [...] mostly to make those passives and items less painful to read.

Can we all agree to shorten it further to Chaos DoT Multiplier (as well as shorten any Damage over Time to DoT)? We all understand what "DoT" means, and there are no other abbreviation/term we can confuse it with.
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The general philosophy is that mana sustain for spellcasters should be something a player has to think about and find some way to manage, similar to Accuracy for Attack characters. However, we don't want the solution to be a huge investment, and we've tried to provide a few different and interesting ways to sustain mana recovery.


The thing is, what a freaking pot is going to do if you have 90% of your freaking mana RESERVED?
so you are not just taking away the possibility of leech, but you are taking away aura and utility flask - which means = NO DAMAGE!

so... NO DAMAGE, NO SURVIVABILITY = trashtier. nobody will play caster, simple as that. gj ggg keep your mana ideas with you and let the casters be 0,1% of the playerbase. do your balance team even play the game?
Does the increased minion accuracy affect spiders from arkaali's fang?
These balance manifestos are always a rollercoaster of emotions.
When i go in i'm incredibly hyped for the league and for whatever you guys are planning.
When i finish reading i'm seriously considering skipping the league and playing something else.
When i read the comments i go "okay jesus people have some chill yes it's bad but it's nowhere near *that* bad".
Every time. For several leagues now. Without failure.
*oh and, eveyrthing i didn't write below about, i'm actually positive and looking forward to. It's just...whew there are quite a bit of things that kind of hurt.*

Cyclone nerf - expected, Slayer, Trickster and Bers nerfs - expected, TS nerf - expected but yes, will screw over labfarmers even more, you guys *really* gotta do something with the lab, it'll soon be a year since you told us you were working on it.
Contagion nerf - expected, but still entirely unreasonable, it was never an OP combo. Still, the nerf is fairly modest, it'll still be somewhat ok with intensify.

RF nerf is something i'm severely puzzled about - so you have a skill that's fairly slow at clearing and relies on you facetanking the mobs, and you make stacking health weaker for it? Why? Because having RF be a Jugg-dominated skill ruins your archetypes? Well depending on how severe the changes are, Juggs may stop playing RF but i somewhat doubt anyone else will pick up the mantle.

Mana&casters...again, why? Nobody wants to use a mana flask. Nobody wants to waste passive points on bonuses to mana flasks. And instead of just making "enduring" a natural mana flask feature, you turn it into a craftable mod so we'll have to sacrifice another mod for it. Wow.

One quick question re: Elder\Shaper items - how long before they're just kinda shiny rares? First was the nerf to extra damage mods, now you're removing trap and mine mods from gloves and helmets - you know, the thing people used shaper gloves and helmets for. What unique mod of those items will get gutted next, i wonder? :D

Oh, and giving Beacon of Ruin a band-aid won't reverse the damage of prolif removal, not even close :D.
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We've also made some improvements to how all projectiles select targets when chaining. Previously, two projectiles from a single attack could attempt to chain to the same target, but only one would be able to hit. Now chaining projectiles won't attempt to chain to the same target unless no other targets are available, which significantly improves the clearing capabilities of Chaining projectiles when used with additional projectiles.

Wait, what if projectile skill can hit same target with multiple projectiles? (Shattering Steel for example). Does the change to chaining projectiles mean that clearing capabilities of chaining Shattering Steel can be reduced?
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Please stop nerfing AoE. Cyclone AoE is one thing, but skills like Contagion getting reduced radius? Please. Someone at GGG needs to have their "fun police" title revoked because they keep being allowed to put their nose where it doesn't belong.

We have ranged skills offscreening monsters before we know they're there. Stop nerfing AoE, for the love of God.

You added Pulverize with a more multiplier for AoE. It was an excellent addition to the game. Now you've totally taken that away - something people have been wanting and something you implemented correctly - for no good reason. It will now see literally zero use.

(2-3-2019) Buff underused skills (3.23?!)+ selfcast, stop nerfing defense, build in threshold jewels (3.23?!), implement D3-style looting, add death log + MTX preview, actually rework flasks, stop balancing around the .01%, unnerf Harvest, ADD NEW WAYS TO LEVEL, finally implement Loot 2.0
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