3.8.0 Announcement Timeline

While we can't reveal the details of the expansion to our community yet, we are ready to announce that we will have an announcement some day about an announcement that will announce an announcement.

mmmkay ....


And I can't say that I like trade system but trust me if GGG makes offline trade - prices will increase like 10 times at least

It is not necessary to do offline trading. It is enough to make instant transactions. Without having to leave delv, maps. This will also eliminate scam.
Wait so what you sound like you want a service attached to trade were the seller actually
Posts his item for "said price" And the first person to find it, that wants it, will be able to buy it.
That being said maybe tagging items with the creators ID!
So as the league progresses.
People going into the market with the purpose of reselling for profit. Will be spotted!
Then either avoided !!!
Or in the case you can't make it yourself and can't wait! You will buy it!!
In a market like this supply will create steady demand.
So faster and better crafters will power to higher gear.
Then start selling their hand me downs! Keeping their better more successful builds.

As the new meta for Build's is discovered, Of course prices will change constantly !

This is my first league and I have really enjoyed it!
The learning curve! wow! This should be taught in college!
1 mill shaper dps to graduate !!!
Hell I don't even know what a shaper is yet !
I can't wait for next league! so excited!!!!!
Sincerely! New POE Junky!!!!!
We need more poison focused active skill gems. #MakePoisonGreatAgain

I can’t sleep, waiting for the league
sweet cant wait
I can't wait!
Excellent! I can't wait for the new league.

lol? We're announcing today were announcin to news orgs tomorrow, that therell be an announcement in a week. What?

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