Last week we announced the Act 5 Kitava Kill Event, the final ExileCon qualifier race. The winner of this event will compete with tie23he, dsfarblarwaggle and Leaf in the ExileCon race finale in November. Check out this news post to find out more.

By the way, due to popular request, we've also decided to make this a fixed seed event! This means that every racer is contending with the same layout but the minimap won't be revealed.

We've also arranged a special microtransaction prize pool for the top five kill times. These racers will receive a bundle that includes the Wasteland Warrior Armour Pack, Glowing Red Eyes, Reptilian Wings, Gloom Herald, Blood Guard Character Effect, Blood Guard Weapon Effect, Blood Guard Footprints, Two-Legged Goat Pet and the Vaal Viper Portal.

If you're unable to join the race but don't want to miss all the action, be sure to tune in to our official channel at on August 17th at 2pm (PDT)! The event will be shoutcasted by Raiz and Ziggy (check out their Twitter accounts here and here), so lots of fun guaranteed!

See you there, Exiles!
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tie23he, dsfarblarwaggle and Leaf in the ExileCon rac

🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Life Ring!
🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet!
🎆🎆 #1 Spell/Stat Stick Dagger, LLRF, Hybrid Gear + MORE!
Can't wait.. FIRST PAGE
Go Uberelite!
Good luck racers!
IGN: JerleVDSlinger
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.

Since the last race has no replay, and most Europe once again will have a hard time watching this one, any plan on recording a replay for youtube ?
Streaming Every Day,

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