Over the weekend, we ran the third of our ExileCon qualifier events where players competed to be the first to kill Atziri. Congratulations to the winners of this event! We look forward to seeing you at the ExileCon finale in New Zealand!

We're pleased to announce the fourth and final qualifier event for the ExileCon race finale. On August 17th at 2 PM (PDT) we'll be hosting a race event with a VIP ExileCon package as the grand prize. This means the winner will be flown to New Zealand, invited to the VIP dinner, have their accommodation and convention tickets paid for as well as participate against the other three finalists in the ExileCon race finale.

Players will compete in a Standard Solo-Self Found environment to be the first to kill Kitava in Act Five. There will be a death penalty - if you die, you'll not be able to move for 60 seconds. This penalty was added because we want to create the feeling of a hardcore event (where deaths basically eliminate you from contention for first place), while not running the risk of accidentally eliminating most of the finalists if they are unlucky at the final event. 60 seconds is a large penalty, so play as carefully as you need to in order to avoid dying!

The event will open for four hours although it's likely that first place will be taken within two hours.

The event is open to all who would like to participate and takes place in a separate event league so that there are no limits to the number of participants who may join. You'll be able to join the event under the character selection screen when it becomes available.


1st Place
  • VIP ExileCon Ticket (Access to the convention and VIP dinner).
  • Flights to New Zealand.
  • Accommodation for the convention weekend.
  • Entrance into the ExileCon race event finale.

In addition, the top five kill times will be awarded with a microtransaction package. We'll announce the contents of this package later.

As per other community events, we'll have shoutcasters and a place where you can view the event! More information will be published in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the news!
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Go go racers!
IGN: JerleVDSlinger
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
someone other than method is managing this, right? I can't even find a vod from the Atziri race at all
🎆🎆 www.youtube.com/c/Ahfack
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🎆🎆 NEW #1 Phys/Impale Leg 70% Multi Amulet!
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🎆🎆 https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/534134
Might as well go ahead and de-sync TyTyKiller right now, just to get that out of the way.
Maybe give a microtransaction to everyone who can kill Kitava in time of the qualifier? Atleast some points or something.
Further incentivises the rest of the community to take part!

A free mystery box sounds fair
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I feel bad for tyty xd
High warlord of the SUPER CUTE WALRUS CLAN
- Retired for Harvest /seal flap
It's okay but where is fucking flashback ?
Yeah... where is flashback? game feels so dead atm like a ghost town :(
Awesome. Can't wait to watch the winners live during Exilecon!

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