[3.8] Ultra tanky Ball Lightning Guardian | CI 11-15k ES | 3-5m Shaper DPS


I'm playing this build since 3 or 4 days now, and it's really strong.

Tier 14-15 corrupted maps done easily with crappy gear, uber lab so ez, rolled over catarina, didn't get time to try shaper and elder but it will be relatively safe I think...

I recommand this build, it's really safe to play for no HC gamers like me and BL with a celestial effect just look so cool.

Thanks for this contribution :)
I build the character by using this guide. I would recommend this build for someone who wanna gain levels easy and beat the content. You don't die a lot with this build. For me this is good overall, but the clear speed starts to annoy. Thanks for the guide, time to roll new char.
How can i have 3 aura on life ?
I can only cast 2

Note : I found the problem, i missed a node "Reduced mana reservation"
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What about this passive ?
oxm4n wrote:
What about this passive ?

We don't use an attack, we use a spell
what about Prodigal Perfection?
rookie81pwnz wrote:
what about Prodigal Perfection?

It's very close, it's way better to just take it.

Right now i see 2 options:

1. Get rid of Light Eater and allocate Ethereal Feast with amulet - That would save us 3 points and provide 10% more total ES recovery, very good deal

2. Just get a very powerful node from the tree, good candidates are Soul of Steel (that's insane in fact, but very expensive), Tranquility (probably the best DPS option) or some flask nodes like Druidic Rite
for me is 3 option: utmost swiftness. no problem with dex :)
quartis99 wrote:
for me is 3 option: utmost swiftness. no problem with dex :)

Good idea, I went for utmost might because str stacking works better with shaper's touch. Cheap as hell too.
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With transfiguration of soul on Tranquility, does our int bonus towards ES count towards the increased damage? Or only the es increases from tree and items?
In the latter case wouldn't we get a bigger bonus with Crusader with its transfiguration of mind (which does the same but with mana) because of our huge mana investment?

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