New Ryzen 3700x upgrade 3 times worse performance?

Bruzey wrote:
I also ran some maps just to test. I didn't do anything super juiced but taking my HH tornado shot through a couple of red maps I didn't drop below 60fps shattering packs. It's either fixed, or atleast 1000x better.

My friend with the rysen cpu is also saying the same to me.
Is there are any information about deployment of this fix mentioned above?
MoosGames wrote:
Fitzy_GGG wrote:
Let me know if anyone else gets this behavior. It will be useful to know if others can reproduce this.

I'm on a Ryzen 2700X and have a NVIDIA GTX 1080.

I have not had any issues until the 2-3MB patch a couple days ago. Afterwards I've had these frame lags which are insanely annoying. Can you let us know what the small patch at around Sept, 3rd did? Could it be the reason for any graphical issues? I didn't change anything about my setup or drives since then.

Bro.. Im having this issue too with my Ryzen 5 2600.. Please GGG dont messed up
our old Ryzen.. sigh..
I was buy new gpu and now i have worse fps drops then before:/ Other games on high without any fps drops.

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