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Hope you're happy. Can't wait to see the next round of unwarranted nerfs that force people into choosing one class above all others again next league.
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
This style of meta balancing will ruin poe in just a few short leagues.

There was no need to nerf spellcasters and elementalist as hard as you did considering you made melee cyclone above god tier in the same patch.

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- you seem to stack Armour. dont. Armour is a shit mechanic that does nothing good to you. - Never ever listen to this post ever.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Cyclone is fun. Doesn't make you select a target. Having to select a target with the same tool you use to avoid that target's damage is why melee isn't working. Cyclone solves that.

Hope GGG will read this.
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I_NO wrote:
WHO PLAYS GLADIATOR I wanna throw a carrt at you

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death to Occultist, really good balancing
I think cyclone is not the problem, everything else is.

We need to be able to cast or attack while moving.
We need instant totems, traps and mines.
We need better minion ai (keep killing stuff even if you are dodging/running away)

Either that, or add a cooldown to receiving damage. Seriously, this is like a bullet hell nowadays with damaging stuff covering the whole screen where you can get 2-3 shot in a fraction of a second. Having to stand still in order to deal damage is just too risky.
EnkerZan wrote:
I'd like to see a statistic of people that did NOT use Cyclone as part of their build.
Not I. Cleave and frost blades, but I like cleave better.
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The Witch died for this?

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