[3.7] The Human Blender - Double Malice Ice Nova w/ Avatar Of Fire!

Pantheon, Lunaris major is fine, and the minor is between Garukhan, Ralakesh and Shakari.

Ascendancy order depends on how you are leveling. If you are leveling CoC, Deadly Infusion, Opportunistic, Ambush And Assassinate is probably right to get that crit chance high early. However, Ambush And Assassinate is better first if you have great gear already and can get the first hit damage high enough to oneshot packs.
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how do you run Zealotry + precision + Herald of fire + flesh and stone?? am i missing something here?
Level 1 Precision gem, and an Enlighten. It's only for a little bit of crit chance and the Watcher's Eye mods.
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Hello! How do u chill(to do extra damage with ice nova), if u CANNOT deal cold damage because of avatar of fire?
Leveling guide and budget gear to leveling if this would be possible.
thx :3
Vortex is still able to apply Chill to enemies, and is instant cast, so you can cast it while Cycloning. The build still works fine without it but it is a significant damage boost.

No leveling guide, partly because I don't really know how to level it well. I just leveled with Freezing Pulse and the jewel until 38 and switched into CoC Ice Nova with a Tabula and an Effigon, which could basically carry until 68.

im currently using a similar cylcone CoC with Cospris build and i wonder why you stack so much attack speed. In my opinion thats a bit of an over kill.

You also have the same calculation results of the proc rate that i found in this reddit post:

for 0-13% cooldown reduction optimal attack speed threshold are:
3 aps, 6 aps, 9 aps, 12 aps and so on
for 14-51% cooldown reduction we have a optimum at:
3,75 aps, 7,5 aps, 11,25 aps, 15 aps , 18,75 aps ...

you opt for the 15 aps optimum, which is fine. However in my theory having a 3,75 aps and a 15 aps still gives you the same number of procs (the proc rate does not increase with your attack speed). So essentially you get just more dps with your cyclone (it hits more often), but the CoC spell dmg stays the exact same.

Though here is one thing that speaks for having higher attack speed:
As far as i know you can proc only one CoC spell per crit on one enemie at a time (is this confirmed?) and because this build runs 3 CoC triggers (2 from the Cospri and 1 from the gem in the chest). We would need to get 3 crits within one cooldown cyle of the CoC triggers for optimal dps.

e.g. you crit once and cast ice nova (chest) --> on cooldown, then you crit a second time and cast frostbolt (cospri) --> on cooldown, then you crit a thrid time and cast ice nova number2 (cospri) --> on cooldown. Then the ice nova from the chest should come of cooldown and you can start triggering this cast.
(Alternatively you trigger all 3 spells at once with one crit cast 2 ice novas and one frostbolt at the same time from the same crit --> this sounds unreasonable and i think i read somewhere that this is not the case)

With this knowlegde 11,25 aps would be optimal (with the 14% reduction). You attack 3 times within one cooldown intervall of the CoC triggers and you have 3 triggers which are then always perfectly on cooldown.

The forth hit you get with your 15 aps set up is pretty useless unless you miss a crit due to low accuracy or to low crit chance. Even if you miss one Crit trigger it's not quite worth.

Another thing im not 100% sure: This calculation assumes there is only 1 mob in range of the cylcone (boss dps). However, with 3 or more enemies in range you can already get your 3 procs from the different enemies with 1 attack? (im not sure on this one if cyclone counts each hit enemie seperatly as an independed hit or as one hit on multiple enemies).

So the questions are:
- Can you get multiple CoC triggers from one crit?
i think: No, only one trigger for one crit
- Are cylcone hits on multiple enemies calculated independently? Like attacking each enemie once with its own crit and trigger calculation.
i assume: cyclone calculate the crit for all enemies for one spin and can therefore only proc one CoC trigger per spin. (=> same amount of coc triggers independent of how many enemies are hit)
Hey cool! That post was actually written by me! But unfortunately there is something slightly off about that post now. It was written using the Cyclone from v3.6. In v3.7, Cyclone was changed to attack twice as fast but only hit once per "attack". So you need to double all the attack rate numbers in the post if you want to match your PoB attack rate to that post. I may have to do a new post.

The upshot is that 3.75ApS in that post is now 7.5ApS in v3.7, and 7.5ApS for Cyclone in Path of Building is the threshold for casting one spell as fast as possible.

The proc order with my gem setup is:

First hit:
- Malice in main hand (Frostbolt)
- CoC in chest (Nova)
Second hit:
- Malice in offhand (Nova)

and repeat. Malice and the CoC gem don't actually share a cooldown or trigger, so you can proc both at once with a single hit. This setup means the first cast of Nova gets doubled by the Frostbolts and the two Malices alternate at maximum proc rates for their socketed spells.

Before you ask, yes, this hit order does mean that I have an opportunity to add an extra spell to my chest CoC link! However, there is no gem I can remove that does less than doubling the damage on the Ice Nova in that link. Cold To Fire is the only support gem in there for damage, and it far more than doubles it due to Avatar Of Fire.

Although... I hadn't considered dropping the Crit Strikes gem... *whips out PoB*...

Nope. You lose a ton of Cyclone crit chance, too much.
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Path of Building updated, turns out 8m was conservative and it actually has about 9.2m without any of the situational Assassin bonuses.
How do you determine the DPS, isit possible for you to take a look at my and give some recommendations as I did modify the tree abit from yours.

Currently still trying to get a fire damage leeched necklace corrupt

And what do you think about using GC instead of ice nova for chest.

Account name :alls92
Import aelcosplosion

I am missing about 1 APS iirc to reach 15 which I am trying to grasp from somewhere but it seems like the best choice is to get from cyclone helmet enchant or switch up my glove to get attack speed.

It seems some streamer just did a cospri guide and price seems to be flying

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