3.7.2 Patch Notes

Pog. Thanks GGG, been really loving this league, crashes and bugs aside. Also, I was wondering about this:

"Fixed a bug where the first hit with an attack against a monster would almost always miss if you did not have a 100% chance to hit."

I kind of felt like this was the case, something definitely felt off when hitting stuff. Glad to see that's getting fixed, will definitely make my bleedquake boy feel a bit better.
Combat is simple.
Keep your blood in.
Take theirs out.
But not to sound salty or anything, but it is hard to take things you are saying seriously since you do only have 1 challenge completed, and well, you think less than 2 weeks is close to month

Everything you said have nothing to do with the real problem. I want to be play more but on consoles this game is a mess.
Ask the console community about it.
I gave up on this league after bluescreened on consoles every 10 - 20 minutes and the fact that the first patch came out this week and he make it worse.
And dude, still defending things like players gone etc. Yes and why they gone? Because of the cycle and how ggg create this cycle by it self. Other games have not that huge problem with it and why? They dont designed there games on a short life league base. That's a own made problem. I play Poe since 2011, this is only my Sony linked account, so I know ebough about the history of this game.
Nobody said it is a shitty worthless game. But I dont get it why you dont get the point that more time means more polishing.
Many bugs are so obvious like channeling or constant crashing (on consoles even more because of same hard and software).
Many other companys bring out huge content and test there shit. Sure it is not perfect ok, but it doesn't take a month to make it playable for all.
I dont want to blame ggg for there effort and passion. I want to tell hey, thank you for everything but please take your time.
Maybe open a test server for some ppl to test there stuff and so on.
So come on, dont trash talk and defend mindless. Get some points and think about it.
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Flicker still broken :/ sadly my game crashed after the 3rd legion encounter
Flicker keeps crashing. Happened to me on my first map.
Can confirm. Flicker still crashes to desktop with no notification/crash summary. My first crash happened after 4th map/Legion encounter.

Sooooo, what does your signature mean?
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Playing flicker strike. Still crashes...
Even more disconnects than last patch when transitioning areas. lag spikes still as bad as before.
Arcane Surge is not working with Essence Drain after 3.7.2 patch... please check this, will really appreciate it...
"Fixed a bug where the first hit with an attack against a monster would almost always miss if you did not have a 100% chance to hit."

Hooo niiice, finally Sweep will be really good, i was wondering if it was a bug since usually i sweep once and move and resweep, there were a lot o missed indeed.

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