3.7.2 Patch Notes

My game just randomly crashed during Legion encounter on Zanas "don't leave or die" map. There was some amazing loot too R.I.P.
I am on ps4 and the x button does'nt work to pick up items or interact with the atlas and maps in the laboratory
Fixed a bug where Uber Hillock pulled Oni-Goroshi out of his chest multiple times.

I picture this happening, except he heals himself each time.
PoE players: Our game has a wide diversity of builds.

Also PoE players: The [league mechanic] doesn't need to be nerfed, you just need to play a [current meta] build!

Betrayal was the best league we had since Legacy. The reward agency is something this game needs, and will be sorely missed.
Awww :(
Nothing about the leech issue :(
I think that ggg has reached there limit and have to stop the 3 month cycle now.
We are close to a month after release and the game is still very very buggy. And I don't want to start to talk about the state the consoles.
I think they play on to many bases and they have to step down and take a break to fix up things and regenerate. I'm thankful for there passion and work but the quality of the game sinks every league in my opinion. The league mechanics are well written on the board but every league it takes a huge amount of time to fix so many things that it feels everytime unpolished.
I know ggg need money and new players etc.
But as example on consoles you guys lost many of the playerbase because of the state of the game and on PC the ppl struggle to and the struggle becomes bigger and bigger and have his climax at synthesis.
I whished that ggg start to slowdown take there time and bring out a even more polished product. And I know that many ppl would understand it it they need 4 or 5 and not 3 months to bring out new content.
Yes maybe you lose some money but its better as lose reputation.

My 2cents.
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Weltfremd wrote:
I think that ggg has reached there limit and have to stop the 3 month cycle now.
We are close to a month after release and the game is still very very buggy.

We are not even at the 2 week mark yet for this league. So.. less than 2 weeks is close to a month? Also, consider this, GGG can only test new mechanics and changes so much... it takes a mass of players to really stress test the game and find all the bugs as well as get feedback from the community if things are overtuned or broken.

As for leagues being longer... player retention is a huge part of the game... with 1 month left to go in a 3 month league, often times the leagues are dying real bad (~80-90% of league players stopped), which leads to markets being stale, less items available as well as less players to buy your items. So that late in league is not really fun for players still playing (you can only make so many new characters before losing your mind), and it obviously will not be as profitable for GGG because not as many players are playing. But every 3 months at league launch the numbers always spike high with returning league players, and retention largely relies on how fun and addicting the new league mechanic is, the meta, and if the number (and severity) of bugs on the new patch causes a large amount of players to quit before the bugs are fixed.

But not to sound salty or anything, but it is hard to take things you are saying seriously since you do only have 1 challenge completed, and well, you think less than 2 weeks is close to a month.
I would argue player retention may not fall off so harshly if the game didn't feel so buggy after the 'new shiny' of a league wears off.

That said, Lightning Strike finally seems to behave as expected(actually hitting the thing). Thanks GGG
fix for shaped map drops!??!?!?!?!?!?
Well I gave the fix my best shot. I was up at 100am my time waiting for the download. Defragged it and booted the game.

I crashed twice in Wash DC and twice in Texas. The 2nd crash I didn't even have time to select the server before the game crashed and froze.

Damn damn and damn again. I really really really wanted to play. Yeah, whine and weep is all we can do.

GGG the problem isn't on my side. It's yours. I have sent time on this. Everything is perfect. My ping is great my machine is just out of the box and my internet has been upgraded.

So why can't I play anymore? Why does the game always crash. I'm done begging and pleading. I will come back in a week. If you crash I will come back in two weeks. If you crash then I'm out of here.
and this is a bug.

Fixed a bug where Fortify (and similar effects, such as Endurance Charge on Melee Stun) could not be gained when using Shield Charge with a Wand equipped.

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