3.7.0f Patch Notes (Restartless)

nice they didn't fucked up at all with legacy belts in 3.7.....
Game is unplayable now. Well done
patch 3.8 : 1000 life kaom available again ? …..
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This patch messed up combat / movement / cancelling completely.
+1 to skills (most notably channeling/movement skills) not working or not working correctly when moving.
Are there any plans to address Gladiators, the node Gratuitous Violence has no impact on the legion mechanic at all, the enemies do not explode.
Now mines are not playable at all!!! U can't place mine in motion, all animations places mine INSTA canceling. This is terribly asF!!!
Highlightning is still bugged. Now using a skill effectively cancels a click while holding the left mouse button to move, allowing the click to re-engage leading to unwanted interactions with objects and NPCs without explicitly clicking on them. Just hovering the cursor near them while moving will interact with them.
IGN: NNQQ, Sporkay, Rands_
So nice... can't play because patcher keeps resetting download progress...
Iznuts wrote:
ummm my EQ is royally screwed up now. if i'm holding down my left mouse button [move only] and i tap my right mouse for my EQ nothing at all happens and it uses my mana unless i hold it down till it finishes the attack. completely unplayable now. leap slam is also completely screwed up. 100% unplayable.

Same here, use Holy Totem, cant Cast while moving.. Mana is used but nothing happend.

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