3.7.0f Patch Notes (Restartless)

WTF after patch when moving and press the golem skil not exit and in bar apear is , and my principal skill same shit, i press to put mine and make an animation and no mine on ground, wtf is that ?? pls fix this fast
kolton wrote:
Highlightning is still bugged. Now using a skill effectively cancels a click while holding the left mouse button to move, allowing the click to re-engage leading to unwanted interactions with objects and NPCs without explicitly clicking on them. Just hovering the cursor near them while moving will interact with them.

Yes WTFi play mine and not work to play press the button show me animation and consume mana and not put mine, and golem and movment skil same shit, not work in movment WTF, pls fix fast
90% of the posts in this thread state the game has serious issues and/or is borderline unplayable...

6 hours later ggg still cant revert the patch...

Fucking yikes bros.
Temporary fix for me is to hold action button little longer, key for about 0,5s.
Rare mobs from legion that cast that red spells are way too powerful, pls do something.
still crashes are here. :(
dzmv95 wrote:
Rare mobs from legion that cast that red spells are way too powerful, pls do something.

they are not powerful. they are jast super fat (like any of rare mob now,rip T_T) and do like 999999kkk dmg per second in large aoe! Ezclap ;(
Yeeees shaper cradh fix!
Shek wrote:
Always this bullsh*t nerfing stuff mid-league, making best-in-slot items unobtainable outside of paying a rusher an absurd amount of ex (Atm they've already raised to 16 EX!), once the streamers already have their overpowered items.

GGG, either remove ALL Shaped/Elder Stygian vises, replacing them for normal ones, or make them obtainable again. And please, stop making changes aimed at the top 0.01%.

Bro, you are ~5 days into the new league. This isn't "mid-league" by any imagination. Things always get nerfed/adjusted/added in the first week. Chill.
Sparhawk2014 wrote:
So nice... can't play because patcher keeps resetting download progress...

Clearly you should stop moving while it downloads or you'll cancel it.

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