3.7.0f Patch Notes (Restartless)

Iznuts wrote:
xaitv wrote:
Something seems completely bugged. While I hold move-only I can't use my Earthquake anymore...

you can but you have to HOLD it down till the attack is finished then let it go to continue moving. its fucking stupid.

You can't hold Vaal EQ, so that's impossible to fix right now :(
game became unplayable, animation cancelling cancels every second ED i try to cast =(((
Never forget - "With dexterous feet and steady eye, stones and arrows pass you by"
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Iznuts wrote:
ummm my EQ is royally screwed up now. if i'm holding down my left mouse button [move only] and i tap my right mouse for my EQ nothing at all happens and it uses my mana unless i hold it down till it finishes the attack. completely unplayable now. leap slam is also completely screwed up. 100% unplayable.

Same problem here! Playing a totem build and it does 'animation cancel' totems if I don't hold the button to activate them. I use left click to walk and right click for totems, and I really need to hold my right mouse button for a while to be able to place them instead of being able to just right click like I usually would.
I'm pretty sure they just moved all attack gems to a channeling type to try and fix all the bugs with other skills and channeling. remove animation cancelling or make it a toggle like attack in place.

edit yup. if i tap my totem key while holding down my move button mana gets used and nothing happens. i have to come to a full stop while hold it down long enough for the totem to be placed. wow ggg you really butchered this one. you pretty much screwed every single tap to attack or place something.
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flicker still crashing client ...
can confirm shaper bug with cyclone is fixed, did not get booted for too many actions.
just let us have the belts again for a league, stop being worried about being awesome. we want to feel powerful and get the crazy shit, at least once in a while.
I'm in a twitch chat right now. blade furry is now even more bugged, flicker strike is buggy have to let go of move button then hit flicker it seems, EQ is screwed, cant even place a warchief totem with a tap you have to hold it down just long enough to be placed. they really screwed this up badly.
the way i was avoiding the "too many actions kick to login screen" when shaper was showing, was to cast my vaal double strike and letting them kill the boss. worked 100%
yeah animation canceling now makes majority of skills unplayable, seriously make it an option to disable it alltogether. Movement/blink skills is ok and is a must, but canceling with just general movement is unplayable.

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