Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

Well , the hype is dead , anyone knows a good game to play until 4.0 is released and they revert all these BS changes?
sooo , once again you nerf the symptoms and not the cause of alot of issues.

removing the node from occultist was a large nerf overal.
reducing its other node is overkill.

making ghost reaver stacks have a downside just makes going for the escape artist feel that much worse. The stacks were nice to have , but without insane gear they didnt do all that much considering you get hit for 1000s of damage at a time.

you have removed several sources of energy shield , while already addressing the cause of high energy shield through crafting, synthesis BS not being available, and heavily backhanding the occultist gains. [Removed by Support]
and still guardians remain untouched - who are the main cause of the ES problem to begin with.

can you change the name of immortal call to mortal call , since it no longer is immortal.. will it atleast work for elemental damage now?

[Removed by Support].

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Typical nerf/buff as content, while some fun changes are incoming overall its pretty disappointing.
Xenombra wrote:
I'm not sure why they did that. They create a really cool Occultist who can fight those new melee character, but nerf it because they want us to play melee... Why not just ban those class for the league. You always make great toys but destroy them because people like them and you want them to play only with the new toys... You don't really balance thing, you just make wave of new overpower new build your not really sure what they gonna be.

You said all.
Certain very powerful unique items will be harder to obtain now. This includes Headhunter, Eternity Shroud and Solstice Vigil.

Jokes on you, I have yet to see one of them ever.
Everyone is jumping okon the cry train again. The nodes behind keystone change, if you look at the p9st with the Jewel altered MOM, is that they are no longer locked behind the keystone. This is a huge buff for items that granted those keystone. Now you don't have to get MoM twice to benefit from the mana that was behind the keystone if you are using cloak.

Yes, there are a lot of nerfs, but I for one don't want a game that is super easy. Yes, I've never even seen uber elder because I'm too much of a casual, but the fact that people are reaching shaper on day one means that something has been made too easy.
Everything sounds reasonable for me, except elementalist changes - it's dead.
Also, why nerf bane and soulrend and keep ED unchanged?

Oh well, I still like the meta shake
I've always been a pro-melee person. I love melee and I hate range/spell casting in every game I've ever played.

With that said. Did you really have to Jam Spell casters like that? I guess having to manage mana might slow down their clear but it's kind of an extreme change.
ok thats it im bout to cry
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Also, I could be reading this wrong but it sounds like....Blood Magic was buffed??? O__O

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