Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

Friagram wrote:

Duelist? Have to use melee attack.

Unless things have changed very substantially in the last 2 years (which they may have) I believe that Duelists get access to enough projectile, bow, and dual-wield offensive bonuses to make dual-wand builds and bow builds viable, at least in a "for fun" medium tier mapping fashion and not in a "uber-powerful do all content" fashion.

Hell, before Storm Burst got reworked I was looking at a projectile spell based build using the Cybil's Paw claws simply because of how many projectile damage bonuses a Duelist can accrue combined with how much block chance Gladiators can get and how that affects Cybil's Paw's 8% spell damage per 5% block or, IIRC what I managed to get, 96% increased spell damage per claw with a 60% block Gladiator.

It'd be nice if more builds were able to do the "really ultimate super rare this time we actually mean it end-game" content, but there's plenty more builds that get close enough for me to have fun with them
Goodness people......just follow the meta and you will be happy. You are welcome.
*starts to regret skipping Legion*

Wicked Ward
No longer part of the Occultist ascendancy. Is now a keystone passive.
No longer grants +100 to Maximum Energy Shield.
Now grants 50% less energy shield regeneration and energy shield leech.


Vile Bastion
Now grants 1% energy shield regeneration per second for each enemy you or your minions have killed recently, up to 10% (from a maximum of 30%).
No longer grants +150 to maximum energy shield.

*stopps to regret skipping Legion*
*stopps to regret skipping POE*

I meant no harm. Did nothing wrong besides frolicking casually around with my DO/CI-Occultist for five or six leagues. Not getting even near endgame content and perfectly fine with it.

Go meta yourself PoE.
amcic1994 wrote:
The aim of many of the Melee combat changes is to further develop and reinvigorate many combat systems for the core Marauder and Duelist archetypes. The overall goal is to create a greater diversity of Melee skills and more exciting gameplay with them from early game through to late game.

Ashriel wrote:
So in the patch that rebalances melee and makes you want to get up close and personal... you are making monsters tougher, making defenses harder to acquire, making Immortal Call no longer immortal, I mean you're making life harder for melee in every way yet you expect this to be a good thing?

Whatever, Slayer League here we come. Also, RIP Elementalist - nice going GGG, prolif was the best reason to choose this class and now it's just... gone? What is your replacement/alternative? You provided no solution here, just said "we're gutting your class because we're incapable of handling it even though it's been this way for over a year". That's super messed up.

I could go on about the state of how miserable you always make these manifestos, but once again, you manage to take the hype out our sails with this crap. Always one step forward, two steps back with you guys. You just do not get it.

[Removed by Support] Why do we even have core packs still? How many millions did you get for the company you hack after saying you were doing this for the players and not the money. Just like Blizzard, bloody wankers selling us out.
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Exif wrote:
spoiler: none of it matters because you will die to disconnect anyway :--DDDD

Yep that's the sad truth. After the GGG traitors sold the company, it's been in the shitter.
The Pope quit, a meteor fell on Russia, an
asteroid came close to the earth, there's snow
in Arizona, star wars and star trek have the
same director! Who the hell is playing jumanji?

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