Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

When minion and spectres buff? When?
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They destroyed life casters.
Slayer used to work well now his ascendency is 100% trash for non attack builds.
It is quite frustrating when classes are forced to use specific skills.
Witch? Gotta use ES or spells.
Duelist? Have to use melee attack.
Scion? Do nothing, gets nerfed every patch

Purely broken garbage like Howa builds?
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Friagram wrote:

Duelist? Have to use melee attack.

Unless things have changed very substantially in the last 2 years (which they may have) I believe that Duelists get access to enough projectile, bow, and dual-wield offensive bonuses to make dual-wand builds and bow builds viable, at least in a "for fun" medium tier mapping fashion and not in a "uber-powerful do all content" fashion.

Hell, before Storm Burst got reworked I was looking at a projectile spell based build using the Cybil's Paw claws simply because of how many projectile damage bonuses a Duelist can accrue combined with how much block chance Gladiators can get and how that affects Cybil's Paw's 8% spell damage per 5% block or, IIRC what I managed to get, 96% increased spell damage per claw with a 60% block Gladiator.

It'd be nice if more builds were able to do the "really ultimate super rare this time we actually mean it end-game" content, but there's plenty more builds that get close enough for me to have fun with them
Goodness people......just follow the meta and you will be happy. You are welcome.
*starts to regret skipping Legion*

Wicked Ward
No longer part of the Occultist ascendancy. Is now a keystone passive.
No longer grants +100 to Maximum Energy Shield.
Now grants 50% less energy shield regeneration and energy shield leech.


Vile Bastion
Now grants 1% energy shield regeneration per second for each enemy you or your minions have killed recently, up to 10% (from a maximum of 30%).
No longer grants +150 to maximum energy shield.

*stopps to regret skipping Legion*
*stopps to regret skipping POE*

I meant no harm. Did nothing wrong besides frolicking casually around with my DO/CI-Occultist for five or six leagues. Not getting even near endgame content and perfectly fine with it.

Go meta yourself PoE.

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