3.6.6c Patch Notes

Could you please add the possibility to delete remove only manually, it will solve the problem with the empty map stash tabs, and also provide a powerful tool to delete all crap that we stack in remove only by many years ^^
Zphyr wrote:
cgexile wrote:
No the feature actually works in my perm tab that had.. hell whatever beast series was. Works pretty good actually, but my other remove-only tabs that have older series that could be bumped to 3.6 don't have the feature so that's 100s of maps that can't get converted because they have to be moved out of the tab.

Oh I misunderstood.

Could it be some kind of bug? They say it works on remove-only tabs. A few people are experiencing various issues with conversion as well.

So the statement "The conversion button will only appear on tabs that have maps eligible to be converted" ...I don't actually have the condition of having an old series inside a remove-only tab and So the button is probably there fore those that do. I didn't see it in my old emptied out remove-only tabs and therefore assumed that the button is not available across all remove only tabs. And it was not in the remove-only 3.6 tab that just got ported over but Rachel said "only appear on tabs that have maps eligible to be converted" so this also makes sense it's conditioned out because there is no 3.7 yet. But because it was not there and not in my old remove-only tabs I assumed it's just no there in remove-only tabs. My bad. If the conditional logic was spelled out from the get-go in the notes maybe I would not jump to conclusions :)

As far as issues - yeah I noticed that the map tally does not tally up for some maps you move over till you click on the map container and then the tally adds up there and in the overall map total. I thought my maps are disappearing at first lol - because as you know, that did happen a while back haha. They were "there but not there" as was the issue a while back so I thought the same thing was happening. But no it's just not adding up the totals for some reason for some maps till you click on the map tier/container.

Edit: I think they just created the same problem they have with RO map tabs but now with Unique Tabs. I can't remove my Unique tab after I emptied it out. It's double the trouble because it also/still shows up on the website heh.
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Jatin_GGG wrote:
I have to report what it seems to be a bug : After converting maps in map stash tab in current version, all maps you add in the stash will go in invisible mods (the number of map in each tier of map does not change).

Could you please try re-instancing and see if that resolves the problem?

It seems to be solved.
Is there a way to filter a non-map-tab (actually a quad tab) filled with various maps by series?
demonstorm wrote:
I don't know if this is a bug, but it doesn't seem intuitive to me.

Elder maps don't convert to the same base map when sold to vendors. For example, when I vendor an elder burial chambers map to convert it to synthesis series, I get an elder barrows map. Is it supposed to work this way? Cause it's quite disappointing.

Can I get a response on this?
Good News
Now convert my useless 4 map tabs to some type of stash tab because I have too much maps before from different leagues, I have to buy many.

Darn it, It's all about the money.
Hi guys! Do we have issues with unique stash tab (remove only)? I thought the only issue is the map stash (remove only).
What's the behaviour of map conversion with unique maps? Are they converted to the same unique maps (thus possibly different tier) or to the closest unique map in tier?

In the first case I could see it not being desirable, in the second case, I could see possibilities of abuse.
Converting my maps (less than a hundred) cause my client to freeze and crash :/

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