3.6.6c Patch Notes

demonstorm wrote:
demonstorm wrote:
I don't know if this is a bug, but it doesn't seem intuitive to me.

Elder maps don't convert to the same base map when sold to vendors. For example, when I vendor an elder burial chambers map to convert it to synthesis series, I get an elder barrows map. Is it supposed to work this way? Cause it's quite disappointing.

Last time I ask here before I create a new thread.

This applies to all maps and is not a bug. As the patch notes say, maps are converted to an equivalent map, which may or may not be the one with the same name. Mostly when it's not it is because the tier of the map in question has been changed.

Also: great job GGG, thanks!
Honestly, I thought I was dumb or blind or both of them, but I did not see the "convert" button. Took a while before I saw it on the BOTTOM of the map stash tab, and boy, did that button please me.

Thanks for this, GGG. Saves me a LOT of work, and space in other stash tabs.
You said 3.7 patch notes was 5 june!!!!!!! Where is the 3.7 patch note’s?????? Ffs
Vegacius wrote:
You said 3.7 patch notes was 5 june!!!!!!! Where is the 3.7 patch note’s?????? Ffs

Calm down. Soon.

The Legion Patch Notes will be posted today! We're aiming for as early as possible but it's likely they'll be posted late, potentially in the evening NZT. You can track NZT here: https://bit.ly/2olxGKM

In the meantime, we'll be posting other Legion teasers throughout the day!

What happened to v3.6.6a and v3.6.6b?
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What happened to v3.6.6a and v3.6.6b?

They were likely either server side patches or they didn't need to be downloaded by the client.
This feels like a new league for standard. Very good patch.
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