[3.11] Shadow Builds List

Cyclone CoC Discharge Asassin


Damage - Very High
Mobility - High
Survivability - Medium/High (depending on level of gear)
Clear Speed - High
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Toxic Rain miner

Toxic Rain (Mines): https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2688059
Damage: High
Survivability: High
Mobility: High
Clear speed: Medium/High
Orb of Storms: [3.10]Unkn0wN's Archmage OOS Hybrid MOM Trickster- 11kEHP 4-5mil Shaper DPS / League Starter
Damage: Very High
Survivability: High
Mobility: Very High
Clear speed: Very High
Ball Lightning Miner

[3.10] Stay Back! A Knockingback LL MIner build - Ball Lightning - 7k ES - huge dps

Damage - Very High
Mobility - Meidum
Survivability - Medium/High
Clear Speed - High
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Hola buenas tardes... soy nuevo en el juego y me gustaria si me ayudas a armar la build desde el principio..

igual estoy viendo videos para entender el juego y la verdad qe es esta muy bueno.. Desde ya muchas gracias y espero su respuesta =)
Thank You, this post help me so much in my build choice.
https://pastebin.com/9jz4D5at My shadow toxic rain trickster high evasion deleted all content in delirium league and after a lot of changes to setup over the league This is it.
damage high
dodge high
7k pool
Is there a feasible method for the community to prepare updates for this type of stickied post? It is now multiple leagues out of date and is an excellent resource for new players.

Does anyone know how the designation of the post controller is defined and how we keep this properly updated? Not that I'm suggesting someone different, just wanting to start the discussion for sake of newer and returning players to make use of a strong and readily available resource as it relates to builds/guides.

Ice Spear/Winter Orb/Infernal Cry: [3.11] Infernal Cold Assassin | Maximum Dodge | +6M damage per Unleash
Damage: Very High
Survivability: High
Mobility: Very High
Clear speed: High

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