[3.10] Unkn0wN's Archmage OOS Hybrid MOM Trickster- 11kEHP 15mil+ Shaper DPS League Starter

Build concept
I wanted to play something fairly survivable and fast since new content tends to be very dangerous. I read the new Archmage support and it seemed quite strong, someone in a twitch stream chat mentioned this concept so I found some old OOS guides from a few leagues ago and modified them to be useable with Archmage and it has been quite strong.

Orb of Storms deals damage with tendrils of lightning that target enemies within the radius of the skill, which is increased in frequency by cast speed and range with AOE size. Orb of storms damage is not increased with AOE damage increases, however you can proc additional tendrils of lightning from it by casting other lightning spells while standing inside of it. As found by players before me the lightning spell with the shortest base cast time is tempest shield with 0.25 second cast time by default which we then scale with attack speed.

So the damage calc for OOS looks like OOS Avg Hit * (OOS Hit Frequency + Additional Lightning Spells Cast per second)

now imagine that with the huge amount of flat added lightning damage we get from Archmage support and you have this build.

+ High mobility - Shield Charge + Frost Blink don't share a cooldown
+ Solid Damage (4mil+ Shaper DPS on league start 15mil+ w/ optimized gear)
+ 11k+ Effective Health
+ Chain clears monsters
+ Uses Archmage
+ Fairly cheap to start and gear (this was my starter for Delirium)

- Have to be fairly close to do optimal damage and have to stand in/near OOS circle
- Semi-expensive endgame gear scaling though what build isn't these days it's almost more of a feature to actually be able to scale efficiently
- Can't facetank everything, though not many builds can this league
- Enemies with "Allies can't die" mod is tricky to deal with
- No ele reflect maps/Unlucky evasion mod can be dangerous

100% Delirium Awakener 8 Rare T16 Canyon
Guardian of the Chimera NO REGEN
Simulacrum - completed with starter gear
Awakener 5 Conqueor
T16 - Basilica - starter gear
T16 - Gardens - starter gear

Video Guide
GoodGuyGaming3 on youtube did a feature on my build and its a very good breakdown of the keypoints to look at if you prefer that

Latest Edits 4/5 [3.10]

- Updated current gear
- Added note about stat priority for weapon slots

Previous Edits

- Added Defensive + More Expensive PoB
- Updated top end PoB with new cluster jewels and correct configuration settings damage should be accurate now
- Updated League Start version with correct configuration and removed added damage on wand since PoB calculates Archmage support for us now
- Edited damage numbers because there was an incorrect option selected in PoB for energy leech, cannot be at both full energy shield and leeching simultaneously
- Added Full Delirium map clear
- Updated top end version of build
- Added note about allies can't die mod
- Added budget/alternative annointments
- Added more stuff killed
- Added Chimera No Regen Video
- No regen is doable its just a bit more dangerous
- Various ongoing gear upgrades that increase damage with higher investment
I will be updating the gear optimized PoB as I level past 95 and get gear
- Added a note about transitioning from 60-93 trees

Archmage Mana Cost and Damage Math

Here I will calc the mana cost and damage added assuming the build has a mana pool of 4500

This is our setup OOS + Energy Leech + Chain + Lightning Pen + Archmage + Elemental Pen

Archmage says your spells will have a base cost of 6%
and with 20% Quality increases cost by another 10%
and gives 127% of mana spent as flat added lightning damage to spells +7-134 additional flat lightning damage on top of that

Fevered Mind increases mana cost by 50% per jewel and we use 3 of them

Energy leech = 1.3 multiplier
Lightning Pen = 1.4 multiplier
Chain = 1.5 multiplier
Elemental Pen = 1.4 multiplier

Mana cost = 6 * 2.5 * 1.1 * 1.3 * 1.4 * 1.5 * 1.4 = 63.06
Added Lightning Damage = .6306 * 4500 * 1.27 = 6303 = 3610 - 3737 damage range

PoB/Build Link

Initial League Start Version
Level 60/93 - https://pastebin.com/p02yzSd2
~4mil Shaper dps

I put a tree in there that should take you to level 60 while leveling
This version was good enough for me all the way through first Awakener kill
and most expensive piece of gear in this version is the Shroud of the Lightless, I crafted a fevered mind on the first day pretty easily and bought another one, didn't switch to 3 of them till high yellow maps.

Don't worry about to switching right away from the 60 version the level 93 version is only optimal for you when you have a curse on hit ring and a cluster jewel ready to be put in.

How to transition from level 60 version

For reference you receive up to 20 refund points from quests so this needs 0 regrets
Total refund points needed = 13

Order to refund and spend points for transition:
Refund Arcane Expanse Cluster = +3
Refund Resourcefulness and minor node = +2
Spend stat nodes leading up from Shadow Start = -4
Refund stat node above Coldhearted Calculation = +1
Spend stat nodes by cluster jewel and CI = -2
Refund minor nodes in Written in Blood and hanging int node connected = +3
Refund damage nodes at Shadow start = +4

Now you have 7 points to play with I recommend switching to MOM soon

More Optimized Gear Version
Level 95 - https://pastebin.com/sseUxKeg
this is the one with 95% of optimized gear ~11mil Shaper dps w/ Chain support ~15mil Shaper dps w/ Awakened Controlled Destruction
Upgrades here cost me about 10-20ex to craft or buy

More Defensive Optimized Version w/ Timeless Legion Jewel
Level - 95 https://pastebin.com/F4mrEUZn
This is the version I'm currently playing with, has a lot more block chance for attacks and spells and a slight increase in health with Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel
~10mil dps with Chain, ~14mil dps with single target swap
60% attack block
42% spell block

Note about Lethal Pride timeless jewel

Adds about 2ex onto price of build currently
Timeless jewel needs to be commanded by Kiloava 10000-18000 for Glancing Blows Keystone and ideally you want affected notables to gain one of these bonuses:
Chance to Deal Double Damage
%increased maximum life
Regenerate 1% of Life per second
You take 10% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
5% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill

Non PoB Tree


Block Chance: 29%
Spell Block Chance: 21%
Attack Dodge Chance: 29%
Spell Dodge Chance: 39%
Evade Chance: 45%
Weave the Arcane = 6% reduced damage taken after spending 200 mana

Mind Over Matter = 30% of damage goes to mana instead of life/es
EHP = ~8k
3200 Shield Arcane Cloak

These numbers are for the starter version check optimized PoB's with money and levels you can reach higher numbers

Required/Optional Items

This is what let's us multiply the mana cost of Orb of Storms thus increasing the damage tremendously. Can craft these by corrupting any Cobalt Jewel

Lots of free damage here since we want our mana to not be reserved anyway for more damage survivability and quality of life

Great synergy item since we already scale both mana and energy shield it's lots of free damage. Not to mention 1k armour.

Best enchant is Orb of Storms Crit Chance, followed by Orb of Storms damage.
Also see Salvi123's post on page 3 of comments for an alternative setup and alternative helmet enchant that may interest you.

Lots of mana, damage, and another lightning spell on a .5 second cooldown that procs automatically and even cleaves monsters (this frequently kills things) - Obtainable with prophecy or by purchase

I annointed Arcane Chemistry notable on my amulet. Max mana%, Flask mana increase, Flask Efficieny, Flask Charges Gained

Other annointment choices

Budget annoints would be Heartseeker, True Strike, or Arcane Potency, Dreamer would all be good choices and don't require a golden oil, with only Arcane Potency requiring 1 silver oil.

Those 3 crit nodes give more flat out damage than Arcane Chemistry but I'm going to stick with it because I like the bonuses it offers for my flask usage and it still gives a decent amount of damage increase.

Very strong damage chest with that will give you a 6 link for the price of a 5link though the chest is currently like 1.5ex in Delirium Softcore, gives ele pen, max life%, and more max mana%

If you get white sockets on this armour, can swap chain for controlled destruction or hypothermia for bosses but chain is very strong still because of its high mana multiplier

Crit is nice though shaper gloves with cast speed, dex, mana, and maybe more resists if you need them are optimal, started using these Algor Mortis Gloves for lighting damage multiplier and lowered enemy damage. Chilled ground comes from our trigger wand using Cold Snap

Trigger Wand enable: Wave of Conviction (lower res), Cold Snap (Frenzy Charges+Chilled Ground), Lightning Golem at higher level (More Cast & Attack Speed)

Wand/Shield Stat Priority

top tier:
%spell damage
%cast speed
%of lightning damage or non-chaos damage as extra chaos
%increased critical strike chance of spells
>100 mana

low tier:
flat added elemental damage to spells

Perfect shield imo would look like
%increased spell damage
+to max life
+to max mana (alternatively could have %of lightning damage as chaos here)
%increased critical strike chance for spells
%cast speed
-- flex slot -- (so so so many great things could go here to boost up your build)

Have to unequip Wave of Conviction for physical reflect

Tailwind = 10% increased action speed go zoom zoom
Probably will try to get elusive on boots later just too lazy to craft right now more zoom zoom and evasion

Mana flask of enduring so that it's always on. Try to use Betrayal content to get flask upgraded to higher quality for more mana per second.

This singular cluster jewel is good enough for league start. Notable gives 20% max mana and damage penetrates 5% lightning res

Check optimized version for expansion and min maxing of further cluster jewels and stats.

Current Gear

Ascendancy/Build Logic

As established above Orb of Storms will cost about 63% of your mana per cast and you will need to cast it fairly often to clear at a decent rate. So to restore mana quickly Weave the Arcane from Trickster takes care of mana since we are casting Tempest Shield at 13+ times per second the procs from that node should do well to restore your mana for single target. While for clearing Patient Reapers recover 4% mana on kill significantly helps with mana regen in conjunction with Mind Drinker noteable Recover 2% of Mana on kill and Mana and Mana Gain on Killing blow minor passive Recover 2% of Mana when you kill a cursed enemy which will be happening once you have an Assassin's Mark on hit ring the mana sustain is very solid.


For levelling I used Stormblast mine linked with Arcane Surge and Swift Assembly Support to trigger Orb of Storms and didn't switch to pure Orb of Storms damage till hitting Blood Aquaducts in Act 9.

For this combination you barely use any mana with this combination especially since you will be speccing mana nodes so you can reserve your mana with Herald of Thunder, Wrath or whatever your favorite combination of buffs to use while levelling. Alternative if this isn't your starter you can get a Clear Mind and have that to boost your levelling experience.

Lightning spire trap is helpful vs tanky enemies too

While leveling I use smoke mine, and frost blink for movement.

Remember for leveling this is just what I chose to do, there are many efficient ways of leveling a caster, there are various Orb of Storms leveling guides out there or storm brand or even new ways with spellslinger, if my way is not working out just use what you like best.


Trash = Shield Charge -> Frostblink -> Orb of Storms -> Tempest Shield
When in danger pop Vaal Grace
When low ES pop Vaal Discipline
Use manual cast Arcane Cloak especially while doing Delirium content

Can use Frostblink to cull bosses with Culling Strike linked.
Can also drop OOS and just run in circles if you don't have time to be casting Tempest Shield

Stuff I've killed

Sirus/Conqs at lvl8 awakening bonus
T16 4 Sextant full delirium map
Shaper Guardians
Elder Guardians
Shaper Guardian w/ Full Delirium
Elder Guardian T15 w/ Full Delirium
Kurgal the Blackblooded delve boss at depth 197

Delve Darkness Farming Guide/Setup

IF you want to use this build to infinite sustain in the darkness of delve check out this guide by EveryDayEngineering who's build I heavily referenced when making this


I typically craft all my own builds using rough references to established guides. This is only my second time posting a guide on the forums, please let me know what you think and let me know of any easy improvements that keep in line with the base ideas of this build. If I get decent recordings of more end game bosses I will upload them. Look forward to more from me maybe in the future.
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What enchant would you recommend aside from the increased oos damage? cast speed or crit chance?
hi mate,

I already made a comment on your reddit post. This build looks very dope and interesting. What do you think about taking an essence worm in order to fit in one offensive or defensive aura? Capping resistances might get a little bit hard though.
What enchant would you recommend aside from the increased oos damage? cast speed or crit chance?

According to POB Crit Chance looks like it gives higher average damage than OOS damage enchant. Cast speed enchant for OOS dps increase is minimal since the cast speed of tempest shield is whats more important.

What do you think about taking an essence worm in order to fit in one offensive or defensive aura? Capping resistances might get a little bit hard though.

I think that would be quite good assuming you can get the other pieces all sorted out and still cap resists. I might consider trying to do that if I get/craft good enough rares to cap resists and get a Zealotry, Wrath, or Discipline watcher's eye and socket it in the cluster jewel chain.
I'm trying to level up through this building using Stormblast mine and it's been pretty rough. I've been dying a lot and I find myself not doing too much damage (despite using a tabula rasa). Any tips for me to breeze through early game?
I'm trying to level up through this building using Stormblast mine and it's been pretty rough. I've been dying a lot and I find myself not doing too much damage (despite using a tabula rasa). Any tips for me to breeze through early game?

skip delirium content while leveling if you're not, it will mostly slow you down/cause deaths while leveling, whereas later in maps you will get a lot more rewards from it in less time spent.

I can't remember the exact links I used while leveling because I kind of just did it on the fly since I hadn't leveled caster in a while.

For stronger monsters I want to kill I drop OOS and then chain out like 30% more mines than I normally would since they have a stacking damage effect the more you have out.

You can offscreen monsters with your mines too if you're not confident in dodging their attacks. Throw them as far out as possible and detonate them from far away when engaging dangerous enemies.

If you're using a Tabula the damage you have should be good enough I found one in act 2 while I was leveling this league lol, stuff like added lightning damage support, added cold damage, arcane surge, swift assembly, lightning pen should be good

Herald of thunder, herald of ice, precision, clarity, wrath etc. will help with the damage too since mana won't really be an issue

edit: I also used lightning spire trap on unique enemies
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Oh, I see. I noticed that your passive skill tree is a bit different from yours at level 60 and yours at level 94. How many respec points did you use for this?
Hey! What do you think about playing this build on HC? Should I make any changes?
Oh, I see. I noticed that your passive skill tree is a bit different from yours at level 60 and yours at level 94. How many respec points did you use for this?

The respec points you get from quests should be about enough. I might have used a couple of regrets after that but not many and haven't even bothered to go back and finish all the respec point quests lol.

Hey! What do you think about playing this build on HC? Should I make any changes?

In terms of hardcore I'd say this is a mid level tankiness build, I haven't played HC in a long time I think breach league was the last time for me so I'm mostly referencing what I see streamer stats like. If you modify the build for HC I'd recommend trying to find an ED/Contagion trickster that is hybrid and uses MOM and compare survivability numbers with them. The EHP from this build comes from the combination of MOM Life/ES and Arcane Cloak being scaled with fevered mind jewels. I also find that I basically never die as long as I'm not trying to go to fast through the content, OOS definitely allows you to play carefully if you want to.

for ascendancy i'd take weave the arcane -> ghost dance then patient reaper when you want to switch to OOS with 2 fevered minds

TL/DR gl ss
interesting build, what pantheons do u recommend?

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