Developer Q&A - Part II

Can you please make Betrayal per-league rather per-character?

The question resulted in a long discussion and the eventual answer was Yes. We're not yet sure whether the change will be in 3.7.0 or 3.8.0 yet.

Can you please make Sulphite per-league rather than per-character?

Surprisingly, this actually became another Yes. Again, we aren't sure which expansion it'll go in, as there are a bunch of things we have to change at the same time to resolve our concerns with Sulphite being shared across all your characters in the league.

Master content such as Incursion and Betrayal can be distracting and disrupts the flow of just grinding maps. Do you have any plans to change this?

We have an idea for a potential change that we are quite excited about. We want more time to think about it before committing and so we aren't going to explain it here but we will follow up in a few weeks if we decide to go ahead with it (and if not, what other steps we'll take regarding this issue).

Players feel that map sustainability is tied up with Betrayal and other master content, making it non optional. What is your stance on this?

We also have a plan for this that we are considering at the same time as the changed mentioned in the answer to the last question. We'll hopefully post about it within a few weeks.

Have you guys considered allowing us to trade maps of a tier for any other map of that same tier for a small cost at an NPC?

Our current plan is to add Orbs of Horizons to the main drop pool so that it's easier to perform the transformation you want to do here.

Relevant and good to hear stuff, but the complete lack of acknowledgment on how awful trade is paired with no plans to do anything about it is extremely disappointing.
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Anything happening with wand skills?
As a note about your reason for not supporting linux, it not having a singificant enough playerbase.

I'd like to mention that a lot of people would be willing to main a linux system if more games were supported on it. I play on a Linux system right now (Manjaro), but many times I just dual boot in windows for nothing more than a handful of games, and POE is one of those simply because of as of my latest distro swap, I just don't want to be bothered jumping through all the hoops.
The devs are more worried in future content than actually seeing what players what really want to do more and cut any interaction if a player has unlimited access to whatever they enjoy.

New player experience is dogshit and clearly you're not too focused in gaining new audience.. if only being honest was actually enough.
Turning players into payers.

The same people laughing at the dead horse for W3 reforged mysteriously ignores that every new league TGGG releases is a W3 reforged.

Looks like future leagues may be designed around creating more stash tabs for the sheeps to buy.. "greatest gaming company" btw.
It's things like this that keep me playing this game! Thanks!
phmn wrote:
Improstor wrote:
Would you consider creating a SSF version where you can't migrate back to the trade league but would have increased drop rates?

We feel that providing permanent access to a version of Path of Exile where players progress more quickly would be a mistake. Sometimes we run special events that have mods that make the game more rewarding, but these are not available perpetually.

Progress more quickly????
SSF is X-times slower than Trade leagues on both, currency and item acquisition.
What the person asking this likely meant so to equalize efectivity of SSF with trade. To actually allow SSF players have meaningfull progression.

SSF isn't meant to be a single player version of path of exile. It's meant to be more challenging and a lot slower.

It's not really slower. SSFHC guys are usually first 100s every league.

When you don't have to fuck with trade you just keep racking up exp.

Actually you only pick up what you can use too saving mucho time. Like say you're a ES based WorBer. You dont pick up anything but T1 ES gear and wands/sceptres because you dont sell anything else. I could do half the inventory space per map and 4 tabs in SSF easy.

(probably why they were so reluctant to make SSF so long since tabs are their bread and butter and you dont save tons of shit to sell SSF)
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Love the Question and answers! yeet
Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
jacarishe1 wrote:

4-8k ?
In a T16 with 130% increased quantity, you get maximum 4.5k
A T16 with 130% cost around 22 chaos.
The probability of getting Niko in a map is low.
So who would invest let's say, 120 chaos in several T16 maps to get 4.5k sulphite ?

And if you buy the cheapest scarab, you spend 80 chaos for a scarab + T16 map to run in a rota and get only 18k sulphite. The scarab is very expensive. The rota is very hard (time consuming to get a full party) to run. And with just 18k sulphite you can't do many runs in depth 200+, that is not so deep. Maybe 12 runs at maximum.

What profit you can get if you must pay some 80 chaos to run just 12 delve runs ?

If I buy maps, other maps drop inside and you can kinda sustain them. But sulphite doesn't drop inside delves.

As scarabs are behing betrayal, that is not league anymore, scarabs became extremely expensive and people who like delves, must give up. If they give up delves, fossils become very expensive. With fossils becoming expensive, crafts become expensive and the resulting items become more expensive. So nerfing sulphite makes several things more expensive as a side effect.

The biggest problem for me is to have delves dependent in scarabs that are tied to betrayal that is not the current league anymore and so, much less people run it, so scarabs became much much more expensive, affecting directly delves...

You either don't understand the game enough, or you don't understand my post.
from d2 frozen orb to winter orb
vio wrote:
Iznuts wrote:
-------Can you please make Sulphite per-league rather than per-character?

Surprisingly, this actually became another Yes. Again, we aren't sure which expansion it'll go in, as there are a bunch of things we have to change at the same time to resolve our concerns with Sulphite being shared across all your characters in the league. --------

oh fucking hell. This just stinks of a real hard nerf to sulphite now that super zoom zoom 30 second T8 map builds will be farming it for their delve character. anybody else excite to get 400 sulphite from a red map? cause you know balancing it for account wide is gonna get it nerfed into oblivion. inb4 250c scarabs.

yep, that would be the result. sulphite sources likely get optimised for people having one character farming it and another character using it.
if you don't have 2 chars you're fucked.

players that argued for sharing sulphite across accounts run several chars per league and profit from it.

I disagree. Those of us delving deep (1000 and lower) in Synthesis league just run 6-12 rotas a day and I can see no benefit for changing char just for farming sulphite. For example, on a triple rota, in which we will each get 50-54k, it is not uncommon for 1-2 of us to be capped before we conclude. So we just keep the party, and some of us burn 10k or so of sulphite, and then we come back to compete the rota. To change chars without just be an unnecessary inconvenience.
In regards to your response on the death recap.
it's hard and we have a lot of other pressing priorities.
I don't want to bash you, I just want to be reasonable and send my 2 cents, but it doesn't seem like this is a high enough priority here.

Readability especially in games is just so so crucially vital. It makes a huge difference going from frustrated and confused at a surprise death, to learning from your mistakes. From deaths being a divine punishment from the ether realm to seeing failures as a consequence of your actions.
Frustration and confusion are what will make [weaker willed] people quit, either temporarily or long term. I feel like this change could potentially help your player retention, and as such might merit moving up the to-do list in some way shape or form.
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