Developer Q&A - Part II

Another long one - i like that.

1.Interested in what the way to fix the current problem with past leagues mechanics interrupting the flow of the game, is.
2.Dunno what all these questions about GGG are tbh, this is an opportunity to ask questions about PoE and people ask about freaking "birthday barbeques and some schools"?...
3.Currency stash tab does indeed need an update. That was a good question. Props to whoever asked it!
4.Google Stadia or whatever it's called and Nintendo Switch... seriously people? LMAO...
5.Pretty meh Q&A to be honest. None of the real questions were asked/answered and there was plenty of PR mumbo jumbo etc...
IGN: Wildernezz
Can you improve high tier maps sustainability ?
every league i have the same problem , i can't even reach Shaper and all my red maps are gone , i just farming tier 9-10 maps over and over for a week ,my build is done i reach Lv90+ ,from LV85~LV90+ there is no fun because i rarely get to play a red maps , then i quit until next league .
MLGonthorian wrote:
So barely any mention, if at all any in regards to your ruining melee on 12/03/2018 and what your plan is to fix the damage done to your melee players? No questions at all answered in regards to this? Or would you rather keep dodging these questions and give false promises to your community that this will be addressed in 3.7, when in reality, this update most likely won't do much to repair any of the damage you did to melee on 12/03/2018?

"ruined melee" that is weird, the top delve build is melee. MeLeE iS dEaD
Can you not see that the community are upset over TRADE I know it's your game but can we all share.

Regarding the labyrinth ladder, I don’t think it’s time to load the map in the total time, because I have to switch to the next map at least 5 seconds delay, and those who are in the top row only need about 1 second, so it’s not Fair, racing rankings should not count computer performance and network latency. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice did a good job of doing this. The quick-pass time ranking canceled the loading of the map time, which guaranteed a fairness for each player.

If they keep doing races like they are now, anyone in texas or very close to it, will always have an uncontrollable, and noticeable, advantage.

that it takes only 1 second to load the map when I am in Texas, but when I am in other states, the delay is up to 3~5 seconds. Each time the maze needs to load more than 10 maps, so I will always be slower than other players. 20 seconds or so. This is very unfair, it is recommended that GGG remove the timer to load the map part of the time.
DanteKorvinus wrote:
The betrayal going per account isn't too much of a bother for me.

But the delve going per account seems bad.

1. Farm sulphite 4-8k per map on t16 on main character
2. Use MF character on low delve and go sideways for 10 hours straight
3. completely destroy fossil economy
bonus. new characters don't know where to start delving; can I do depth 80? or 200? I can't tell, I have 25k sulphite

just my 2 cents but I think delve was in a perfect state before

4-8k ?
In a T16 with 130% increased quantity, you get maximum 4.5k
A T16 with 130% cost around 22 chaos.
The probability of getting Niko in a map is low.
So who would invest let's say, 120 chaos in several T16 maps to get 4.5k sulphite ?

And if you buy the cheapest scarab, you spend 80 chaos for a scarab + T16 map to run in a rota and get only 18k sulphite. The scarab is very expensive. The rota is very hard (time consuming to get a full party) to run. And with just 18k sulphite you can't do many runs in depth 200+, that is not so deep. Maybe 12 runs at maximum.

What profit you can get if you must pay some 80 chaos to run just 12 delve runs ?

If I buy maps, other maps drop inside and you can kinda sustain them. But sulphite doesn't drop inside delves.

As scarabs are behing betrayal, that is not league anymore, scarabs became extremely expensive and people who like delves, must give up. If they give up delves, fossils become very expensive. With fossils becoming expensive, crafts become expensive and the resulting items become more expensive. So nerfing sulphite makes several things more expensive as a side effect.

The biggest problem for me is to have delves dependent in scarabs that are tied to betrayal that is not the current league anymore and so, much less people run it, so scarabs became much much more expensive, affecting directly delves...
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Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
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I would still really like to know if anything will be being done to make the end-game multiplayer more enjoyable. I play with my fiance, but once we've reached endgame and built our characters up, it doesn't much feel like we're playing together, and its often more efficient to run opposite directions in the maps. All the blue and white mobs die with one hit, yellows in two to three hits, and so on. Yet, bossing together is so much more difficult that we never do it. For example, a level 75 nexus boss zone I take down in 10 seconds or less. If she's with me, it takes almost a minute to kill the boss, since he actually starts landing hits on me and I have to move to dodge. We have roughly the same damage output and defensive structures.

Regardless, a better incentive to actually play together would be really nice. As it is, having her in the map is great for drops, but if we run the same route one of us is basically not gonna ever hit anything. And then the faster move speed char ends up flying ahead, having to pause and wait for the other to catch up, it's just not very fun for a game that is inherently multiplayer. It grows stale quicker than I'd like it to.

Again, I don't have suggestions to improve this, as I can't really think of any way to do so. But, I hope this is something that you're looking at. I can't possibly be the only one that enjoys playing games with my friends and fiance. There's a huge market for co-operative play in video games that, honestly, is very poorly catered to. Very few good co-op games exist, and the ones that do, most all of us co-op players have long since grown bored of. PoE is great because there's always new content, and the game itself is fun and addicting, there's always something to do. Sadly, the things to do practically never involve actually playing with another person. I'm certain most people play almost entirely solo and only ever interact with people to trade or chat. I've never once been asked to run a map with a player I met in-game, besides being asked to kill a boss or powerlevel someone.

I wish there was a good reason for people to play together in this multiplayer co-op game, besides higher drops and more difficult mobs... :(
re: Death Logs

I think the dev team's unusually high level of familiarity with the game is causing them to undervalue the importance of death logs.

Any death where you don't understand why you died feels like a BS death ("game is laggy", "the game is buggy", "the game was cheating", etc).

I've taken to running a video replay buffer & saving+reviewing the loop whenever I die, and I still don't understand why I died more than half the time. Even on a fight like uber elder, where I have a full list of the fight's abilities & video replays, I'm still having deaths I don't properly understand.

- You can't improve at a task if you don't get relevant feedback.
- If you don't understand how to improve, you're vastly more likely to quit.
- Understanding what went wrong (e.g. death logs) is a massively important feedback tool for gaining understanding.
- Therefore I think the dev teams over-abundance of game experience compared to the average player is leading them to undervalue death logs.
In response to the Linux support question. I run Linux (Manjaro / i3) and PoE runs completely fine if you use Lutris to install it. Although it does not like to be minimized I've found. Other then that has worked fine on Linux for me at least for a long while I suggest trying Lutris.

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