Developer Q&A - Part II

Do you think Path of Exile could be successful with a different camera perspective, for example, in third person?

I'm in favor of at the very least having a controllable camera for doing cinematics. Being stuck in one perspective is really awkward feeling when trying to do videos.
PogU keep up the great work
Can you please make Betrayal per-league rather per-character?

The question resulted in a long discussion and the eventual answer was Yes. We're not yet sure whether the change will be in 3.7.0 or 3.8.0 yet

HAH so stupid, now players will not be able to farm betrayel in multiple different ways, without using multiple accounts.

You guys really need an option to turn off account sharing for this crap so players can have options, instead of taking them all away.



Are there plans to make standalone players be able to track how many hours they have spent playing the game?

It's difficult because we track the playtime by character, and that's lost when you delete a character. So if we started tracking it on a per-account basis now, it'd potentially be missing historical data.

Maybe at least add some text shows "XXX hours played" besides the character level for each character in the character selection list and a total hours sum at the bottom of the list. This hour sum could work with the league filter as well so when player filter to a specific league, they can know how many hours they've spent in that league.
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Instead of being called Questions for Devs and Answers from Devs, shouldn't this be called more like Questions for Devs and Plans from Devs?

All of the questions that were picked (besides the fluff nonsense about books and BBQs) just seemed to have "we are planning something for that". Does that really feel like Answers being provided? I guess technically they are answers but I do not feel like I have a better understanding (with any confidence) of what direction ggg is taking poe.
Will items such as crossbows, flails, and javelins ever be added to the game in a similar capacity to how they were utilised in other Action RPGs?

We'd like to add more weapon types in the future. We don't have a firm timeline for this as it has significant animation requirements. 4.0.0 seems like a logical place, but that expansion already involves the largest amount of animation work we have ever attempted before.

/dance01 through /dance99 confirmed!
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You didn't answer my question about Krillson's birthday, cheater.
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
This wasn't very useful.

I'm going to interpret that one answer as "Kalandra is already in-game wuchoo talkin' bout?".
I asked many, and got multiple questions answered - Winning!
Thanks very much.

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