Oh, time is flying like many vultures around a delicious carcass! It is now the halfway point in Einhar's mighty talent contest! I have seen some truly impressive shows of talent, Exiles! So many that I must make you look at them! Right now! Here! And in case you've missed the previous highlights, you can examine them with your eyeballs and also one with your ear flaps here.

Fan Art by DasLewis

This is a confusing one, exile. But many things are confusing to Einhar! Why do rhoa spikes face the sides? Why do rhoas not charge sideways? It makes no sense! This one is confusing because there are three Einhars in the piece, but only one Einhar in life. How can that be? Perhaps there should be more Einhars in life. Just like the confusing rhoas, I love this artwork.

Fan Art by DorZa

What an unusual rhoa! This one does not even have spikes! Einhar feels this artwork is very worthy of admiration, or even praise! I would very much like to ride such a strange rhoa, though I do not believe it could support Einhar's mighty heft. I would not like to injure it by riding it. The First Ones do not look upon such sacrifices with pride.

'Nets and the Beasts' by batteryinfo

Exile, you must be a Hatungo like Einhar's best friend Navali. How else could you possibly know that two of my favourite things are nets and beasts? I also love surprises, and plans, and long walks through dark caves, and naps! But do not surprise Einhar during a nap, or I might grievously wound you! Hahaha!

'Einhar The Handsome' by blkzero

A year ago today we met Einhar Frey.
He said, "Hello, you have to know something special lurks this way."
Despite he wore a mask, we set out upon the task.
He said, "Get ready and stay steady, we'll have no time to bask."
Then this odd master pulled out a bowcaster.
He said, "Ah-ha! At last! This one is fast but Einhar is faster."
The monster was nigh and its moves were sly.
He said, "I'm not a reviver, so be a survivor and don't die."
The hunt had ceased, we had downed the beast.
He said, "Grab a net but don't forget, the ritual before the feast."
With our prize in net and halter, we knew we could not falter.
He said, "Away we race to my secret place, 'The menagerie' and the altar."
It was Einhar's zoo but now what to do?
He said, "Chose those with might and prepare to fight, stupid you!"
With a roaring thud it was like a flood.
He said, "That was loud, now do the 'First Ones' proud and offer up the blood."
Rolling off our sword, we claimed our reward.
He said, "We had fun but now I'm done, to our next visit I look forward."
Before we took flight we extended the invite.
He said, "I love you so and now I know, you and Einhar are tight."
We portal down to my quaint hideout town.
He said, "This place is nice and new friends entice, Einhar will stick around."
Its a safe bet, Einhar is no threat.
He'd say, "You're welcome, goodbye!" And that's all you'd get.

A wonderful poem. What an interesting structure! This reminds me of a very memorable hunt. It was early in the morning and the sun had not yet risen. I woke to the sound of something large wandering through the woods. I found a trail of blood. It was so thick that I could not fathom what sort of beast made it! This was a first for Einhar. I followed the trail, and it turned out it was not a beast at all -- it was just blood! A big blob of blood was wandering through the forest. Very strange, yes? I had a great time hitting it with a large stick. Now I make sure to clean up all the blood after a ritual has been completed!

'The Ritual Is Complete' by Samalamage

Oh, this is a great example of one of Einhar's other favourite things -- rituals! But it looks like this one did not please the First Ones. Usually when I complete a ritual at the Blood Altar I am given a weapon, or shield, or orbs (I love orbs!!), but it seems this time the First Ones only gave me a spine. I have so many spines already! I guess it is lucky that I love them as well.

'Stupid Beast' by MichaelPersson

This one is both cute and spooky. It reminds me of my best friend Jun, who is also cute and spooky, except this is Einhar! When I look at it I feel almost hollow, but in a good way! Like an old ribcage full of rats, except the rats have left. Where did they go? It is a secret.

There are so many great submissions that I cannot possibly list them all. But do not fret, little Exiles! I will show you more of Einhar's favourites next week.
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Love me some Einhar :)

~ Do not expect to be taken seriously if you hide behind a private profile or an alt account.
~ A major part of 鬼殺し leaving was something 鬼殺し said about Kopogero that, whilst truthful, scored 鬼殺し a 2 month probation. So please, stop with the fucking conspiracy theories. 鬼殺し is gone.
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Noice OwO
Impressive work all of them!
Good job ppl
Greatttt Job Exilesss!!
All the art is so coool, congrats to the participants and good luck exiles !!!
Einhar needs to die ! Being eaten by one of the beasts would be great.

From League Starter to Shaper – Cheap, Tanky, Fast and Fun Physical ST – Very Detailed Guide

Gannicus, God of the Arena – Deathless Uber Elder for Everyone
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All the art is so coool, congrats to the participants and good luck exiles !!!
They don't need luck. Highlights ≠ Winners
It's the GGG way to say bye bye nice try, see you next league
What do you mean that the league is not rewarding or fun? You put in 5 useless items in the device and you get 1 useless item... Oh wait!
/Talisman League(2015/2016)

Oh look, Synthesis League(2019) = Talisman League all over again.

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