Einhar-Themed Talent Competition

we will be best friends best <3

I was taking a stroll into The Menagerie when I arrived to a room I was never been before; inside it, I was surprised to see all kind of things, that only can by Einhar's most precious treasures: weapons, armours, books, scrolls, jewels, pieces of unknonw beasts in glass jars, etc. But, what impresed me most, was a collection of paintings and drawings. And, in an outstanding position above all, was this; painted by an Exile called Ahrul Arkane, it depicts Einhar moments after striking down an Albino Rhoa. The title of the painting says it all: "The Mighty Eninhar"


From: Zana <atlas@grindinggear.com>
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2019 10:28 AM
To: Einhar <menagerie@grindinggear.com>
Subject: New website

Hello Mr. Einhar, your new website is finished you can check it here: http://beat-beasts.eu, let me know if all is fine.

Best regards, Zana.

I found out how to post a picture finally ! here you go Einhar.

With love from Denmark.
p.s im not the best drawer in the world, but i share this to show my love. :)
i dont even speak english Einhar ! But theres a little (not so mighty)poem about you!

on the jungle valley quiet i stood
suddenly a explosion the silence breakthrough
There ! A beast , more than 10feet tall
A man standing in his way with fear ? Not at all !

-The name´s Einhar -he said
"The end is coming, exile. Of that, I am sure."

So we united will prevail!
we hunted beast till the night , but

¿Can you tell me Master Einhar?
¿We will be survivors or we will be food?
Anyhow we will fight till the end claim us all!
Something that happened the other day ...
My first Einhar draw :D

Hey everyone! Just finished finalising my entry for this contest; it's a speedpaint of (unsurprisingly) Einhar! :3 Really happy that I found something to break my art block for a little while. Best of luck to everyone!
Link to speedpaint: https://youtu.be/q2nK69HjlhE
The final picture:
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Welcome to Einhar's menagerie, textile. This is where I keep the clothing we capture.

This is my Einhar pixel art design for textiles entry.

Twitter, where I create pixel art: https://twitter.com/GuttyKreum
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