Einhar-Themed Talent Competition

well.. heres my entry. einhar concept art made it super easier to paint him.

reddit name:Gunoo

Fanart project
Uniques personfied :https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2462376
My entry for the competition:

I present to you the "Stupid Blade" in honour of Einhar.

My Entry For The Einhar Contest

"Einhar The Handsome"

A year ago today we met Einhar Frey.
He said, "Hello, you have to know something special lurks this way."
Despite he wore a mask, we set out upon the task.
He said, "Get ready and stay steady, we'll have no time to bask."
Then this odd master pulled out a bowcaster.
He said, "Ah-ha! At last! This one is fast but Einhar is faster."
The monster was nigh and its moves were sly.
He said, "I'm not a reviver, so be a survivor and don't die."
The hunt had ceased, we had downed the beast.
He said, "Grab a net but don't forget, the ritual before the feast."
With our prize in net and halter, we knew we could not falter.
He said, "Away we race to my secret place, 'The menagerie' and the altar."
It was Einhar's zoo but now what to do?
He said, "Chose those with might and prepare to fight, stupid you!"
With a roaring thud it was like a flood.
He said, "That was loud, now do the 'First Ones' proud and offer up the blood."
Rolling off our sword, we claimed our reward.
He said, "We had fun but now I'm done, to our next visit I look forward."
Before we took flight we extended the invite.
He said, "I love you so and now I know, you and Einhar are tight."
We portal down to my quaint hideout town.
He said, "This place is nice and new friends entice, Einhar will stick around."
Its a safe bet, Einhar is no threat.
He'd say, "You're welcome, goodbye!" And that's all you'd get.
"The Ritual Is Complete"

Do not worry little beast, we are friends now!

A Hamlet-esque rendition of our beloved Beastmaster, Einhar.

Made a little fan art while the realm restart went on. I've been planning this as a tattoo design for a while, and you just gave me an excuse to finish it early. Thanks, Einhar!

My entry for the competition:
My entry, einhar-themed kiwi with ink and sloppy watercolours

INVASION IGN: itstimeforadududuelist

Einhar Lithophane(take 1)

Photo that was used was created by https://www.reddit.com/user/nofearfeyishere

I turned it into a Litho
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