Einhar-Themed Talent Competition

A Gift for Zana!


There you are, exile! Einhar has a quest for you!

While you were away from the hideout, Einhar was keeping watch. There was an odd sound coming from the study and I went to see what manner of beast had snuck in. It was no beast at all, but Zana! She had come back from an adventure and was sad. Einhar decided to write a poem about his latest hunt to lift her spirits, but when he went to read it to her, she was gone. Her diary was open on the table, and I took a peek. To keep watch.

Exile, we must cheer her up! Zana misses her father, so Einhar tries to be one for her. Today her sadness is not because of him, but neither is he here to ease her heart. You and I will do it instead.

I borrowed some of her maps for our quest. Your duty is to carry them while Einhar hunts. If you see pretty flowers, you may pick them up, but stay out of the way of my arrows.

First we go to where the rhoa are. This is the map, exile—the rhoa make their nests in the wetlands where cover is scarce, so we do not try to hide. We lure some away from the flock with these shiny rocks that reflect the sun and make them curious. We shall leave the nets in the hideout this time. For this quest, Einhar must become tough, like a father! But Einhar is not a father so leather will do.


A fine hunt, exile! I hope some of that blood is not yours. It hurts Einhar to kill beasts that could be captured to prepare for the end, but sometimes we do things that hurt us to make others hurt less. Look at these skins—tough and sturdy! Now, find us a map of a desert. Rhoa leather alone is not hard enough alone and must be combined with skins thickened under the sun to make layers as durable as steel but light enough to wear while climbing. In the desert, we kill two vultures with one arrow by hunting the rhex and stealing the bones of their quarry. He also needs a great skull to wear as a cap.


Yes! These skins are perfect, and this sun-bleached skull, too! It could withstand a bite from Farrul herself! Zana will love this! She is not hard at all, so Einhar will be hard for her instead. Why are you grinning, exile? This is a serious mission! Wipe the smirk off your face and go look for the flowers I asked for. Maybe something white. Einhar will fashion the skins and the skull into a suit in the meanwhile.


Good, good! Those flowers are—where are you going, exile? No, no, they are not for Zana. We will need them on our next hunt. Wait by the glowing stone while Einhar puts on the leathers and skull. We are done with the maps for now.

Do you remember this river, exile? It is where you and I first hunted together! Now we must hunt separately. You will not need nets for this either. Nature can seem cruel at times, but there is purpose in all things. When the wolves hunt the weakest deer, the pack becomes stronger. When you go to the ruins of the shrine to the northeast and kill every last necromancer you find, you remind them that making their pack stronger by raising what nature has reaped goes against her laws. Once you have done that, come meet Einhar in the hills along the river. There is a beautiful overlook atop a small climb. If I can make it with the skull over my mask, then you can reach it with ease.


There you are, exile. Perhaps you should have a dip in the river. You smell like you climbed out of a grave and that is not appropriate for this moment.

Do you still have the flowers? Good. Place them on that mound. Please do it quietly, with respect.

The scratches? Don't worry about them. No, the dead did not attack Einhar. I needed to carry one here. Oh, there was no danger—it was only a small one. The leathers served me well. Tiny nails and teeth could not bite through them.

Did you kill many necromancers?


That is good.

Zana will be happy to hear the families can rest easy. Tell her she does not need to be sad for the girl anymore. I held her close to my heart one last time before putting her back to sleep.

Go away now, exile. Einhar needs peace to compose a poem. A father must be tough, but being too hard makes leather break.

Today Einhar is glad he is not a father.
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I hope it works or else


Idk what I am doing but I bet I will win <3
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Count me in !
Pen and paper only :)

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"The end is coming, exile. Of that, I am sure."

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My poorly executed brain fart.
Here is my approach to einhar concept :)
It needs some more polishing tho will finish later on. Just wanted to share at this stage

-"This world is an illusion."
I'm skilled in avoidance! I can dance on the head of a pin as well, fleet of foot n all that...
you got captured stupid beast


hope you like my shitpost <3
Hello, this is my initial draw test, now I will make another draw.
I hope that Einhar enjoy <3

With Love, Speffer <3

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