Einhar-Themed Talent Competition

Can I make a 3d art with sculpt?
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Fellow Exiles, dear GGG, I present to you...
Painted to honor the most handsome beast hunter in all Wraeclast.

With that, I enter the contest!
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Just started playing PoE last month and I am in love with the game.
Better to check it out as original size and quality by openig it in a new window.

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"You thought it was a stupid beast but it was ME, Einhar!"

Happy anniversary. Love you, Einhar! <3
Hey exlies!
We are not the only one wanting to wish happy birthday to Einhar, of course his family too is proud of him!
So please enjoy meeting Einhar older sister:

Random thought about her:
- I went the Alien vs Predator style because this is how I see Einhar (he IS a beast)
- Since Einhar is the only character in poe with a crossbow I felt natural that she would wield a spear!
- Yes, she has lucky albino rhoa feather hanging from her spear ;)

(sorry for mistake, not english)
Why Einhar Wears a Mask

It is lucky Einhar had so much to drink that night, or else this secret may have remained a secret.

Einhar was already deep in his Rhoa ooze cups when I found him sprawled across a couch in my hideout. His mask was tipped slightly back and his chin gleamed with the red muck. He had a strong chin, smooth shaven, which surprised me. An unbound Thaumaturgical net lay across his lap, glowing with ethereal blue light.

I drew closer, curious, wanting to see more of his face, cautious for how drunk he might be.

My movement draw attention, and he waved his cup at me.

"Exile! I love you!" He shouted,
"Your eyes remind me of voidbearer flames, so blue..."

I was just a couple of paces away, so close I could smell the booze mingling with his animal smell. I was expecting and hoping for him to say something like he does about Alva, or Navali, because Einhar loves everybody in such an entertaining way.

"So blue..." He trailed off, tilting his head down. He stroked the net with his free hand.

"Nobody sees Einhar!" he growled.

I sat down next him, gently took the bottle from him, took a swig, then handed it back.

"Why not?" I asked, through a burning throat.

"Einhar knows you are trying to trick him, but he loves your voice like one of the drowned sailors singing a shanty. You have secrets too Exile."

I said nothing.

"Very well! Einhar sailed here you know this and that he is mysterious, and likes to catch beasts and all the silly things he does that make you love him so. That is good, that makes Einhar happy even though he doesn't understand why what he says is so clever that Exiles make art tributes for him.

Einhar once knew a clever girl, one of the Old Ones, where he grew up. Einhar didn't love her! Her name was Gerda and she made nets, like all her sisters did, for the hunters of the tribe. Gerda was the prettiest of all the sisters, with long red hair but not stringy like Zana's. Einhar was a fine hunter, so proud, and handsome, all the people loved Einhar for his brave and handsome ways. Einhar knew that Gerda loved him and kept asking her to make stronger nets, strong so he could catch the toughest game.

Gerda had strong hands, like that of the tree roots at the Vaal temple entrance. She would stay up all night making new nets for Einhar to catch beasts in, each stronger than the last. What she used to make them, rope, even her own hairs for luck, a little magic, Einhar didn't care only that Einhar's reputation grew. Einhar didn't love Gerda. Einhar loved hunting, and bragging, and Einhar. Great things were ahead for Einhar, adventures!"

Einhar took a swig of the rhoa ooze and continued, his voice deep and slurred,

"A beast came to the lands, a great boar bigger than Kole, bigger than ten Koles. It killed many hunters, tore up crops, slaughtered animals leaving them strewn across the fields, their blood soaking the dirt. Einhar knew this beast would need a special net to catch. The beasts are strong like this one in Wraeclast. Einhar told Gerda that he would love her if she could make special net strong enough to catch the great boar. Silly Gerda worked on the net day and night, as more hunters died, and women stopped going to the river with the children to wash. Everyone stunk! Finally, at dawn on the sixth day, Gerda came to Einhar's hut with the special net in her hands. Einhar looked into her eyes. This net will make Einhar famous across the sea! Einhar said. A tear slid from Gerda's eye, landed on the net, and it caught on fire with dazzling blue light.

Now it will work, stupid beast! Gerda said, and walked away. Einhar felt a pain in his guts like bad wine, or wind from too much feasting. It was strange to him, like what do Devourers look like under the ground? It didn't stop Einhar, who has hunted with broken fingers and worse.

Einhar captured the boar with that net, and from its hide and tusks made a mask where it lay dead, so that the last person to have seen his face was Gerda. Einhar did not understand this, but it felt right to him. He went back to the village and was a hero to all. People asked why he looked like a crow, or a plague healer, or something from beyond the stars, but he laughed and said You cannot tell, but I am very handsome under this mask. We ate boar for a week. Gerda was gone, not at any feasting, no-one missed her, who knows where she went! Her sister Merthe soon worked out that one strand of the special net could be used to make another, and another. I do not understand this either, but now Einhar loves everybody!"

He turned to the side and drained his cup, awkwardly pushing his mask back down.

"Hunt or be hunted, exile!", he laughed long and hard, ending in a silent wheeze.

Einhar dropped the cup and gently started to fold the net up, swaying as he worked. He was too drunk to complete the task, and keeled over half way through. I pillowed his head on the net and resisted the urge to peek under his mask.

"Do not worry little beast, we are friends now!", I whispered to him as he slept.

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Tonight we feast friends
The beasts are ripe for slaughter
There is no dessert

Hoping Einhar likes his haikus =) I NEED one of those chaos orb shirts!
We are friends now!

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