Einhar Competition Highlights

Great artistic talents we have here.
IGN: JerleKingSlayer/JerleTS/GGG_forcedmeto_ED
Posted by Einhar :P
Hi. (Sorry for my bad English)

The First Ones do not look upon such sacrifices with pride.

old ones think toucan is shite.

good to hear
last one looks like hollow knight
the toucan one is awesome. The background is hauntingly amazing.
I sometimes wish Einhar would appear as a guest character in a high profile blockbuster, it is a shame that the world doesn't know his greatness.
Есть один путь - наверх!

Really got into character on this post. nice one.

I'm always glad we have such talented people in the community, to show a lighter side (sometimes) to the horror of Wraeclast.
Le toucan rhoa is brilliant !

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