How We're Approaching the Melee Rebalance in 3.7.0

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dostov wrote:
i wonder how they will screw this up

I wonder how they'll pretend to make things more viable when they still should just work on not crashing or overloading the servers.

Melee balance is a great idea but they NEED to add more defence. Melee means up close and if we need to dodge using movement skills so we don't get one shot, how are we going to attack?

I'm guessing that only meta skills will be worked on too like sunder, cleave and molten strike. Glacial Hammer could become a great skill for bosses if cold become more melee but right now it seems that fire is melee and the devs are liking fire more than most other elements.

I think that spells should still be looked at as many skills such as the new ones like Holy Relic isn't used very much and nor is summon skeleton anymore.

Have you noticed that most of the new skills end up being the most used? I know that they are being used because people want to try them out or whatever but winter orb is still the most used skill even if it was new LAST league.
Chris wrote:

movement skills

Shield charge will become more convenient?
repeat it

Chris wrote:

Edit: And Cyclone is now a Channelled skill.

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accuracy is literally a waste of code...just delete it from the game, and melee will be fine

Thank you lord Cris!

Im exited by melee rework !
What's melee?
Frost Blade needs some competition in the melee leveling arena. It's one of 3 skills that even allow you to do league content without being disgustingly over-geared.

Call it a win.
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Chris wrote:
Edit: And Cyclone is now a Channelled skill.

I hated cyclone ever since it got added to the game... the cast while channeling support might get me to try Cyclone for once :O
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Very vague dev manifesto. We all know melee rework is being done, this is nothing new. Need more clarification on this matter.

And turns out I was right: Melee is turning into automatic crap just like spells. Here goes cyclone - press 1 button and watch your character or the animation do all the work for you while you watch your TV. Yep, saw that coming from a milestone
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