How We're Approaching the Melee Rebalance in 3.7.0

Patch Notes when?
First of all,thanks for the effort on reworking melee.I also agree that melee feels "clunky" until you get some very high attack speed, auto target with multistrike and also move speed. Actually everything early game feels too slow, while late game you get extreme speed in all ways. There are quite a few reasons causing this:

-Melee needs to get close. This is too easy with ms boots, passives, qs flask etc etc. And pretty hard without those.

-Without multistrike, you cant really care to target that one mob. Unless you are using "pseudo melee" skills like ground slam, lightning strike and so on.

-ACCURACY: Having high str SHOULD improve your accuracy with str based weapons, dexterity for dex based etc. Theres really no point in +accuracy implicits on sword line, since dexterity is the most you need for swords.

-Too many support gem dependencies. You literally need a 6L for just keeping up alive. And this cant be a single hit skill either, since no support gem can make your double strike clear back rows.

-Physical is boring. There I said it. :) All weapons act the same, can bleed ,stun or poison. Neither of them scales very good- except maybe stun- since all weapons can inflict them all. It's nothing like elemental afflictions, here both slashing and blunt weapons can inflict bleed with just enough damage. Everything is MUCH more clear with elemental skills.

Well thats all I can think of now. Hope it helps at some point. Keep up the good work boyz!
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I have posted this before and I will post this again..

Melee Player in the Back Row: (movie reference) "I would not trust the word of the hype team should the end of all games be upon lack our conviction our heart. I have seen and experienced how you treat our playstyle. We came to you many times with broken mechanics, lack luster damage, garbage targeting, garbage survivability, and monster mechanics that only target us. We sought your help, and you turned your back. you turned away from the decaying playstyle that you caused from non-existent buffs, and pointless nerfs. IMRID AMRAD URSUL!!!"
Still failing to solve "The Riddle of Melee" 4.0 HYPE!!!
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Are you going to address the viability of single target skills versus ones that spew aoe overap which in turn make them way better as both aoe and single, be it melee, spells or bow/trap skills? Or will you continue to cater to people that are lazy and bad? Will you approach the physical versus elemental meta you've forced upon the community by making penetration, conversions and flat out everything basically favor elements? Or are we gearing up for the Atari release of PoE?
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Taurini wrote:
Sonidox wrote:
matgog wrote:

• Change Leap Slam to jump straight to the desired direction instead of walking to the point where leap can be done.

check attack in place option lol

And if he mean without holding a button?

And stop writing "lol" in wrong places, nothing funny in your post, you even know what it mean? Jesus
Also, stop acting like you are a dev handing out solutions. You act like it was meant for you. Cant stand this cancer responds.

But you dont need to hold a button for attack in place..
Melee should have the upper hand vs bosses and challenging fight content. This is where you will carve out it's niche much better. That should be the golden benchmark melee balance should be aimed at.

Then it is okay it is not as fast in clearspeed.

Look over the actual melee advantages, lock fortify out of movement skills, make sure it is melee attacks that gets the best life leech in game. Etc. Boost life builds all around a good bit(20%?), and make more life/melee damage combo clusters to give even more life pool just intended for melee.

Please GGG listen to reason, give some real tangible advantagous to melee or you won't really be addressing much you will be just polishing small things that won't make the difference.

How melee should be on bosses vs ranged:

More dpsy, but only slightly. More tanky, allowing you to go toe to toe, and also allowing you more uptime on boss attacking vs kiting. Overall clear times should be around 30% faster on a good melee build.

Ranged should be more squishy, needing to kite and avoid things and be more careful.

You won't achieve this without some semblence of damage balance if ranged can delete tough content or oneshot with mines what's the point of any of this.

But if you don't have the above things, your game will just be a pleb mode facerolling without distinct styles and playstyle choices. In other words if you dont try to do better, your game will remain a mess rather than become a crystal form that lasts in memory.
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looking sooo much forward to bash some skulls with some oldschool melee :)
Has there been any mention of a Raider change ? I don't really want buffs , more like more choices.
Wanna see buffs to Necro class and life in general (all life node/mods) and more crafts for melee and minions

Also add some new area/zone with 87+ level so summoners can use spectres with higher lvl like was in memory node with synthesis
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2 weeks later:
Are you going to fix monster accuracy again?
Can we get some clarification on damage scaling issues?
Can you please fix secondary damage sources and select mobs like the Shroud stalker
from Abyss and address the balance issues before you muddy the waters even more with additional "reworks".


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