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Looking forward to a new month long event!
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We are currently investigating whether this event will be possible on console. It looks likely so far.

Please make it so. We have only been able to participate in 1 race event on Xbox and it was a blast. PS has yet to experience this, but I'm sure they would appreciate it too.
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relod87 wrote:
Not a fan of not giving a break between the league ending and 3.7. The few day break gives proper time to migrate the characters and items to standard before the new league launches. It would be another blow to standard which keeps getting the short end of the stick with every update nowadays.

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I dont see the harm in running the league until right before 3.7 drops.
Would love to see leagues go until the end! I've very much enjoying Synthesis, and in general, don't need dead space between leagues. :)
GoldDragon32 wrote:
I would LOVE to lose the few day dead space between leagues. I hate that time so much. If there are no technical issues to running the previous league up until the day of the new league, I'm all for it.
Seconded. It's a weird limbo of having incredible amount of hype to play POE and not being able to actually play the game because all your characters got migrated and your standard stash is a mess.
I really wish we'll get a Turmoil/Mayhem like or something slightly different, but I'm tired of Flashback by itself (even though we haven't got one in quite a while).

It's great to know we're having an official race, though!


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