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I only play in a league and if there is no league, simply dont play.

Theres no logic to have a gap at all between the different leagues.

Its just annoying and nothing else.
The new leagues are great and I'm amazed how industrious you are but you are DESTROYING Standard league. I would prefer you wait at least a month between leagues so that we can play our Standard characters and do needed trades in Standard. Players in a new league are often unwilling to switch to Standard to make trades.
+1 to have a few days to migrate characters and get stash all set before a new league starts.

Also stop trying to destroy standard more than you already have.

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Well, wow I read a bunch of the comments and finally realized that my perfect POE is not necessarily other folks vision. Me, love love love Flashback, Mayheim etc. leagues. I'm all in.

That other people don't want it blows my mind. Wow. I'll leave it at that.

And, if the restrictions are that the Flashback/Mayheim doesn't migrate to Standard.......who the hell cares? I sure don't. Just give me a league where I can....well, everyone has their goals....Loot pinata's are awesome.
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no days off, I am always playing every day till the league ends and would love for there to be no gap.

mayhem, yes!!! NOOOOO to turmoil (too little oomph for me to actually care about it).
Turmoil/Mayhem/Flashback I dont care do all togther the ONLY thing I care about is that it isnt a VoidLeague nobody likes to work for something and it vanishing into thin air after a Month or so.

If you want Mayhem aka the most fun one, it's gonna be voided. I don't care if its voided or not, since I dont care about standard. I think many people don't care about standard all that much. You're probably not gonna collect multiple mirrors in 2 weeks time anyway, who cares.
As someone's who's hardgrinding 40/40 on Synthesis and going for level 100, I want to express that I absolutely love this league and want to extend thanks to you guys for making it happen. I know that lots of people have found it "too complex" but really, the thought of a simpler league makes me shudder - it's too late for that now though.

Here's my wishlist for how these next few months play out:

-Performance updates to fix the massive fps stutters/drops/crashes that this League brought with it. Prior to 3.6, I had literally never dropped below 60fps, even while recording. This league, I average 30-40 fps - and this on a fairly strong PC.

-No delay period between the league's end and the new league. I only play on leagues or I simply don't play at all - I hate even looking at my stash on standard because of all the crap that's accumulated there over 5 years of playing.

-An "Import Character to Standard" option that becomes available about 5 days before Synthesis ends, for players that want to move their character over and start managing their currency. This would remove their character from the league, much like how Hardcore works. This is mostly for the "we need time to manage our characters on standard before league starts" people - I personally feel that this solution is a decent middleground, and the technology already exists to make it happen. (hardcore, regular league end, etc)

-Temp leagues are always really fun, and as always, there's no compulsion to play them. Don't understand why anyone would be opposed to them. I would prefer to have it be more like Mayhem (which feels very different from a regular league) than Turmoil. (which, in my opinion was kind of underwhelming)

-Moar automaton mtx
can i ask a question : when new skill for wand attack born ?
I would rather the league end a few days before so we can have a chance to play our characters in standard before the new league begins. For instance, if you get a fully min-maxed character in the current league but wanted to see how it fairs with legacy gear you would have a few days to experiment with that.
Or, rather than remove accuracy, add it to spells

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